Wednesday, November 7, 2012

takers win, producers lose - happy now?

Tipping point reached:  the takers in America now outnumber the producers.

Your muslim usurper was re-elected America, aren't you thrilled? 

from Daniel Greenfield
Facebook "Friends" and "Family" I know in Chicago voted for Obama.  I'm in the process of de-friending leftists. 

Bully for me, eh? 

I don't really give a shite any more.  The dependent leftists in America voted themselves back in for another go around at the treasury trough.  Kids continue to grow up and think their entitled to free shite and that gay marriage is a "right" to fight for. 

What utter nonsense. 

I AM HAPPY I NO LONGER LIVE IN LEFTIST AMERICA.  I just live in beautiful yet stupid and socialist NZ.  I will pay my 39% in taxes, I will use the public health system to its fullest since my taxes pay for it. Don't worry about me, I'll just die young from some undiagnosed illness by a foreign doctor making $20,000 a year...

In mean time, I will join the NZ Conservative party and I will not tolerate leftism.

You're on your own, America and you deserve the government you voted for.  Have fun for the next 4 years...  You have ALLOWED the leftist indoctrination and brain washing to continue - for decades.  This is what you reap...

From an "anonymous" post over at Sultan Knish:

"You seem to fail to realize that a good many people in this nation ( at least half) do not give a damn about the Constitution and the greatness of America. They just do not. As long as they have their "stuff " or someone else's stuff (by way of entitlements) they could care less about American pride. I would hazard to guess that half the population would be just fine if a foreign country were to invade and defeat the US as long as that invader promised to give each of those families $50K a year, a free iPhone, cable TV and a pair of $150 tennis shoes.

The public school system has been successful in brainwashing and indoctrinating millions of children from grade 1 through University that America isn't so great and actually should be disdained because we have been the oppressor of poor countries with brown skinned people. How do walk back that brainwashing ? This is the future of America. I had one guy tell me during a discussion " The Constitution ? the Constitution is just stupid ! "

Yes, this is the mindset of many. All these fat, lazy Americans who have had it so good for so many years they have become as useless as tomato worms out in the garden. My god could you imagine it real war came to our shores and these pissants had to really defend this nation and their families...god help us. The damage that Barack Obama will do in the next 4 years will not be able to be undone. He will seat 2 maybe 3 Supreme Court Justices. That Court WILL take American citizens guns away, its only a matter of 1 more or two votes, it was close last time. Most Socialist countries don't allow their citizens to be armed, look at Europe.

We will have 4 more years of not drilling for our own oil, he will shut down all the coal plants and energy will sky-rocket along with gas prices, this is all part of the plan. He has also told the Russians he will help them and he loathes Israel and now no longer has to worry about the Jewish vote...its more dire then you think. "


  1. Commiseration from across the ditch. Like O, our leader is a liar, a crook and a celebrity, which means she'll be re-elected too. At least our monarch still has a pair...

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