Thursday, November 8, 2012

Liberty tree won't grow with poisoned roots

Some discussion here and there on the web about "what went wrong" with the 6-Nov-2012 elections.

Some point out 50 years of leftist education has worked -> poisoning our youth.  Poison? Brainwash?  Yes, both - it happens in USA and in NZ, too.

NZ school children are taught, daily, that man made global warming is killing the planet.  Yep, still being taught that lie.  Just wonderful... 

I saw a good comment on post by James Delingpole, by Hostile Logic: they HAVE your CHILDREN!   ...ponder this:

"It is not the economy that brought has broght this nation to its knees. Neither is it debt or foreign policy or the environment.

The education of our children sits at the very bottom of the totem pole of people's concerns, yet it is the root cause of our problems.

We bundle our children off each schoolday, straight into the arms of the government's mindwahing gulags. And then we wonder why the society continuously lurches to the left.

Hardly anyone seems to understand or give a tinker's damn. Only a very few pay any attention. The mindwashing begins K-12, and it's subtle but highly effective. Hasn't anyone noticed over the past years the increasing number of youth asking, "What's wrong with Socialism?

I began warning several years ago that we were perilously close to a tipping point, one which would have those who expect entitlements outnumbering those who believe in self sufficiency. We have now reached that point.

Socialism precisely teaches its zombies to rely on government to make decisions for them and provide for their needs. You can't remove a poison by stripping the dead limbs from a tree. The poison must be eradicated at its roots. And the roots of this problem are the government gulags.

As long as we allow the government to continue dominion over the education of our children, we will fall further and further into the iron clutches of tyranny. Our own children will show up at the ballot boxes and vote us into shackles and chains.

We have been AWOL in our duty to sentry against tyranny. We have paid too much attention to material wealth and "keeping up with the Joneses" and far to little attention to the best well-being of our children. Our grandparents, but especially our great grandparents were made of different timber. They sacrificed mightily to ensure a better life for their children and grandchildren. No longer.

Let's say it out loud: many parents and even grandparents today are selfish, self-centered and will put their own interests ahead of their children and grandchildren. How times have changed. Perhaps, sooner or later, people will finally snap out of their self-induced comas. But what many of you will not like to here is that many of you are products of the government gulags.

So it begs the question about how you can help your children if you yourself have been mindwashed. How can you recover from a lifetime of illusory thinking? These government gulags don't help children develop their cognitive skills. To the contrary, they teach children WHAT to think - Socialism. Think not?

Go to your child's school and talk with their teachers. Ask them what methodology they use to help children develop their critical thinking skills. Then stand back and observe what the eyes of a deer look like after having been frozen in headlights. I said many times we were going to lose this war - no matter who wins the election and the reason is quite simple. We are outnumbered and the gulags continue to churn out mindwashed students at a prodigious rate.

At best we are going to experience terrible hardships, economic included. And we will not get any relief unless we rise up with steely determination and remove our children from the government gulags. This will take a Herculean effort that will almost certainly be accompanied by violence. These Progressive bureaucrats will not surrender their dominion over your children without a bloody fight because who controls the education of children controls the society.

You can hang your hat on this. Just remember that they don't need to change your minds. They have the minds of your children. Many of you will dismiss this as you have dismissed it most often the past. But you do so at your on peril, the peril to your your children and that of the society."

the tree of liberty:  dead already because the roots are ROTTEN!

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