Thursday, November 8, 2012

feeling warm yet? all praise O

Some thoughts from Theresa over at

"Ask yourself how this could happen with the massive crowds showing up for Romney? And the lackluster support of Obama… They were VERY organized in the swing states – their machine worked well.

What This Means…

■ First thing this morning, Feinstein forwarded the move to ban semi-automatic assault weapons. Guns will sell like hotcakes, because a full attack is now coming on the Second Amendment.
■ Obama will populate the Supreme Court and in effect finish gutting the Constitution.
■ Regulations will multiply even more and speed up.
■ Two-thirds of coal plants will now be shut down. Energy prices will skyrocket. People will freeze to death.
■ Obamacare will kick in. Costs will escalate and people will die.
 ■ We will go off the fiscal cliff, which is also a debt cliff and a regulatory cliff. The stock market will plummet. Get gold and silver now as banning and controls will kick in on them as well.
■ A Depression is guaranteed.
■ Patriots and the religious will be driven underground and persecuted.
 ■ Civil war is coming.
■ 47% of Americans are now receiving support from the government. At 50%, a collapse will ensue. ■ Hyperinflation is a breath away as money printing will now spark out of control.
■ An arms race will now proceed in the Middle East and in Japan. India and Pakistan are on the verge of nuclear war. Israel will be forced to stand alone. The caliphate will return unabated.
■ Russia and China will now be the world powers. As our military is further gutted, we will be sitting ducks to invasion and war.

This is just a taste of what is coming. For those who railed that they wanted a collapse, well, you are going to get your wish and you will rue the day you made it. God has not forsaken us, but evil has engulfed our nation. I heard from my compatriots in the UK and Israel this morning. They are in shock. Legal immigrants who fought so hard to escape Communism to get to America are now terrified. They cannot believe we can’t see the Communist in the White House."

Feeling warm yet?

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  1. Aww, well aren't you sweet and tolerant? Well I've certainly realized small government, lower taxes, personal responsibility and freedom are completely outdated, old fashioned ideas...

    Guess I'll have to warm up to love socialism, marxism, "coolness" of black hipsters, free abortion paid for my taxes, much bigger government, state run everything and moral relativity - it is truly the way to go - your loving and warm comments have convinced me! thanks!