Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ohio can save America

The alphabet media keeps touting the "neck and neck" meme for the upcoming American potus elections Nov 6th. It just doesn't make sense.  O has been LOSING support - this ain't 2008 when he was unknown entity.  He has a miserable record now.  People have woken up.  He only fooled 53% of voters last time - only 22% of the population.  More on center, right, independents and democrat side will NOT vote for O this time.  Remember the landslide R turnouts in 2010 nationwide?  Simply put:


I've been reading a lot of good analysis over at and Kevin Dujan is spot on - it won't be close.  Dick Morris offers up encouraging (too optimistic?) metrics of how the polling is really incorrect and Romney is ahead - all over the place.  I can believe it, but we can't fully tell the future, can we...

Meanwhile the Romney crowds in Wisconsin chant "4 more days!"Republicans are fired UP - everywhere!  Democrats - well, they just aren't.

Leftist media has even been starting to slam O in odd places - like in this great screed in Las Vegas review re: Benghazi. Hmmm mmm mmm, when you lose Las Vegas....?

Have you been keeping up with the truths about Benghazi trickling out despite the Washington Democrats best efforts?  Catherine Herridge at Fox and others have been reporting some good stuff.

But back to Ohio.  Ohio will go Romney - popular and electoral college.  I agree with Kevin D's assessments on this so I will leave you to ponder it.  From couple days ago:

"...Ohio is not going to be close. Do not believe the fear porn over at HotAir. Romney is going to win the state by around 54% to 46%. I know this because Independents are breaking for Romney in droves…by double digits in Ohio. Democrats depend on running up large margins in Cuyahoga County to win the state of Ohio but there’s a very good chance that Romney might actually win the Greater Cleveland area (which seems remarkable, but if a Republican could ever win Cleveland it’s this year). If that happens, then Romney might end up winning as much as 56% of the vote in Ohio. It all depends on how much Cleveland’s suburbs outvote the inner city…and I think that’s going to be by a large amount. I was born and raised in Cleveland and assure you that my home state of Ohio sees no reason to give Obama another term; they gave him a chance and he failed and it’s a very Ohio thing to do to fire him. The mood on the ground in Ohio right now is actually very much like it was in 1992 when people decided it was time to fire George H.W. Bush because they didn’t think he did a good enough job to stay president. Ohioans don’t care if Obama is black, but they do have a problem with him being incompetent…so it’s time for Ohioans to boot him from the White House. Ohio is not a state that feels any obligation to vote Democrat for ideological reasons when the Democrat in office is not doing a good enough job or meeting their basic expectations for a President.

I really want you to pay attention to sites that are pushing any fear porn related to Ohio…and starting November 7th I hope you hold writers like Jazz Shaw accountable for what they are doing. These guys all know that Ohio is not going to be close but right now the Ministry of Truth is pushing the meme to lefties that “Ohio is too close to call!”. This is a psychological tool the Left is using in the last few days of the election to keep lefties from completely imploding emotionally. Claiming that Ohio is “too close to call” is the only strategy Democrats have left at this time. If they admitted that Obama has lost Ohio, then panic would race through the Left and the lefties wouldn’t bother showing up on Election Day. So, Minitru diddles with the polls and makes up all sorts of oddball stories claiming that Obama is ahead in Ohio early voting…and the only evidence they have to support that is reporters “hearing hundreds of people were in line to vote for Obama somewhere, my friend’s neighbor texted me but then I deleted the text accidentally so I don’t have proof but I am a reporter so you need to believe me”.


Ha!  Spot on, Kevin... spot on.


RAH RAH rah rah rah!  :-)

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