Tuesday, June 28, 2011

UK's Delingpole and over 4 thousand comments

James Delinpole is an excellent writer over at the UK's Telegraph.  His recent article Frogs, scorpions, greens, lies is pretty good.  Snippet about the lies and spin by AGW warmists:

"Why? It’s a “why” that applies equally well to almost everything to do with the modern environmental movement. Why, if the science is so “settled” and the case for putting the global economy on a war footing to “combat climate change” so strong, do they keep needing to tweak and exaggerate their message?   Why, as Greenpeace’s former head Gerd Leipold once famously excused  his organisation when it was caught out telling porkie pies on the extent of the Greenland ice sheet melt, do they have to“emotionalise the issue”? After all, surely if the issue is really what they say it is it wouldn’t need “emotionalising” with spin and lies and exaggeration and disingenuous camera footage: it would be plain for all to see and we’d all do something about it."  Read the rest here.  

In his Frogs commentary, Delingpole notes "Phelim McAleer co-author – with Ann McElhinney – of the Not Evil Just Wrong documentary debunking CAGW." Phelim and Ann are activists you should know about and pay attention to.

But a recent post from Mr. Delingpole's really ruffled some feathers with over 4000 comments!  

From the title alone, you might guess whose hackles were raised "The science is settled: US liberals really are the dumbest creatures on the planet" ... think that conclusion might anger some? Well, sorry, the truth hurts sometimes doesn't it, lefties.  James asks "why it is that liberal-lefties manage to be so utterly wrong about everything.  “Because they’re stupid,” said a libertarian friend of mine.
“Oh come on, not all of them surely? A bit misguided, maybe but…” I protested.
“No really they’re stupid because they’re not interested in facts. They just want to construct their pretty little narrative about the world, regardless of whether or not it has any bearing on reality. And then they want to dump it on us. And ruin our lives. So not just stupid but evil too.” HA HA ha James... no wonder you have 4000 comments!  You've probably ruined a few rainbows and unicorn summits with this kind of truthful writing.  
Keep it up, mate.