Sunday, June 5, 2011

Barnhardt's theory on Trump's potus motivation

Trump International Tower - Chicago

From On Trump's Motives:

"Trump's plan is to dominate and control the Chicago gaming concession. He is in on the ground floor, knows that his position is very, very strong, and wants to keep it that way. What he also knows is that in order for him to be successful in Chicago, he MUST assert dominance over the massively powerful and utterly corrupt Chicago City Hall. Trump is no pushover and refuses to bow to the Chicago City Hall / Union Mob machine. And why should he? Trump has the Chicago Machine by the throat because the Chicago Machine made a terrible, terrible mistake several years ago. What was that mistake? They tied their entire fortunes to the single most blackmail-able human being in the history of the world: Barack Obama.

In their blind quest for power, the Chicago Marxist/Mob syndicate put all their chips on a smooth-talking light-skinned black guy who could talk the centrist talk, but was actually a hardcore Marxist plant. And it worked - for a time. They got the White House. But here's the problem. Their smooth-talking, light-skinned black guy wasn't born in the United States, was born the son of a British Subject, was adopted by an Indonesian and is thus also an Indonesian citizen, was raised by card-carrying Communists, attended college as a foreign student and traveled internationally under a non-U.S. passport as an adult, has used hard drugs including crack for all of his adult life, has been an active homosexual for his entire adult life, has more aliases and social security numbers than Jason Bourne (or is that Harrison J. Bounel?) and is actually dumber than a bag of hair."

Interesting theory...

I wouldn't mind it Donald Trump "took over" things in Chicago... it would be a hell of an improvement over the Daley-now-Rahm crew... Dats For Sure...  check out how beautiful the Chicago tower turned out here.  WOW!  I want to visit there next I'm in Chicago...

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