Tuesday, June 21, 2011

thoughts on a deep orange volcanic ash sunrise

I was recently in the Christchurch area for a weekend.  We flew down to pick up our new Basenji Kiki in Pleasant Point and we stayed overnight at our friend's house in Waimate.  It is the middle of winter down here in NZ and temperatures on the south island of New Zealand was noticeably cooler.  I wore a cotton sweatshirt, a rain coat and a scarf.  This garb was not sufficient and I was dang chilly.  
Sunrise on Sunday morning Jun 12th was clear and gorgeous.  Check out the colors!  The high atmosphere near NZ had some ash content all the way from across the globe from a Chilean volcano blast June 4, 2011.  I've read this week some scientists who track and observe sun spot activity are worried declining sun spot activity will mean cooling earth temperatures.  More evidence man has NO impact on global warming or global cooling?  What will the warmists do... their religion is based on falsified data and unproved theories. Will they ever grasp reality?  The beautiful blue planet we live on for a few years dishes out warmth, cold, snow, vocanoes, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes ... and man still survives.  Man adapts.  Man does not impact global temperatures.  Man has a general idea of what tomorrow's local weather will be but is never very accurate and in fact is wrong a lot.  The AGW believers are just that - holding on to a religious belief their actions impact global weather patterns.  Explain to me in a coherent factual argument exactly how paying higher taxes will prevent the next Chilean volcanic blast caused by lava pressure and shifts deep in the earth's mantle?
I'll sip on a cup of lovely NZ cafe mocha... or maybe just a hot chocolate.  I'll remain happy I'm not living directly in a natural disaster area - like the continual earthquake zone in Christchurch or directly in the path of volcanic ash.  I'll hope the 50 something dormant Auckland volcanoes remain dormant.  I'll live my small life the best I can and talk about truth.  Lies like AGW hold no interest to me unless it is to expose them as lies. Life has ups, downs but is very short... enjoy it while you're here.  Find the truth and live lie free.

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