Saturday, June 25, 2011

In 2010, PETA killed 94% of animals in their care

PETA kills animals

I admit I used to be a PETA supporter.  In the last 10 years, they have marched steadily to the extreme far communist, green, animals-are-better-than-people left.  GatewayPundit posts PETAs latest stunt: they want to put up billboards equating microwaving a dead piece of pork - to a microwaved baby killed by her own mother.  Obviously the mother has a mental issue. Normal people don't microwave their 6 week old infants to death. Horrible. Sick.  But not the same as heating a piece of dead pig.  The pig is ALREADY DEAD you PETA nitwits. 

Pigs, cows, chickens currently exist on this planet as a source of food for humans.  If humans did not farm these animals, do you think they would still be on earth in such large numbers?  There are wild boar, bison.  That would be it.  Chickens can't fly so they would have died out of natural predation - say by wolves or their descendants: dogs.  Or other carnivores.  Flightless birds barely exist down here in NZ where there aren't any wolves or other large carnivores.  NZ has stoats, weasels and possums.  The NZ kiwi and kakapo are examples of endangered NZ birds because of predation.  If NZ farmed these birds, they'd be abundant - just like chickens!

I am a big animal lover.  We have 3 cats and our new Basenji dog. I was a vegetarian for awhile, but now my health is poorly as I have a problem with very low iron. I blame 8 years of vegetarianism for my ill health.

According to PETA Kills Animals, in 2010, PETA killed 94% of animals in their care. PETA is now just another corrupt leftist org full of hypocrits. Farm animals should be treated humanely with respect but they are destined to feed people. That is their purpose.


  1. I can't stand PETA. Did you know that they've been known to abduct and kill innocent people's innocent pets because they say living as a beloved companion animal to a human is a fate worse than death? They think they are doing that sweet dog or cat a favor when they take them from a home where they are well cared for and dearly loved and then put them to death.

  2. just another idiotic and/or insane leftist-commie group... too bad, they used to bring awareness to bad treatment of animals in factories or in labs for unnecessary medical testing... they lured me in as a supporter (back in the 90s) with those causes... but they have gone over the edge into the abyss... animals are not on the same par as people...

    period... and I say that as a staunch animal lover... thanks for stopping by zilla :)

  3. Lisa,

    PETA is a nutcase organization. I had one such person at the ranch a few weeks ago that was looking to breed her mare to one of my stallions she went on crying about how her mare lost her foal (due to her neglect and stupidity...long story) but then went on about her right to chose abortion for herself. I almost burst a vein and promptly told her to "get the f**k off my ranch you hyprocrit".

    I saw the PETA bumper stickers as she was leaving in a hurry.

    Those people are nuts.

  4. they are... just more people of leftist persuasion who don't function in the reality of fact or reason, eh

    have a great day Hardnox! :)