Thursday, June 9, 2011

Recap of the Palin east coast bus tour

Recap video of the east coast One Nation Palin tour - from SarahPac:

Barbara Curtis Pajamas Media says "Palin leads - - and the media follows" - at: "PalinTracker: Get On The Bus"

And another great list of "10 top reasons" Sarah should run for President from Amy Siskind at the Daily Caller:

1.) Our country has yet to elect a woman president
2.) Left to their own devices, neither party will run a woman
3.) A generation of girls will see politics as a possibility
4.) Women’s representation in leadership is moving backwards
5.) Palin “walks the walk” on supporting and mentoring women
6.) Standing up to sexism
7.) Women’s voices (and faces) are evaporating
8.) Teaching girls to take risks (and pick themselves up and try again)
9.) Like so many of us, Palin is a working mom
10.) Palin made her own way

She certainly is the complete package!  Go Sarah!  :)


  1. Knowing that you're a big supporter of Sarah Palin you might want to read this one:

    WaPo wants help in investigating Sarah Palin's e-mail.

    If only the ***holes in the media would've put 1/10 of the effort into investigating Bambi as they did with her...

  2. hi Bubba, yep I heard about the emails... just more 'do what I say, not what I do' from the stupid and more-irrelevant old-media...

    I think they are in their dying throws, ya think? They sure are having fits upon fits...

    a&&holes is a correct description!