Wednesday, June 15, 2011

AT: economics for babies

Christopher Chantrill writes Economics for Babies at American Thinker. Tid bit:

"Cut, Baby, Cut. Our liberal friends are convinced that, given sufficiently rigorous policy analysis and sufficiently inspired political leadership, they can design and build the bridge to the future with government programs. But the truth is that government spending, all government spending, is a waste, starting with the Pentagon and defense spending. But, wasteful as they are, some government programs are necessary. Alexander Hamilton laid out the case for a national defense in the early Federalist Papers. Almost all other government programs are pure waste; their only purpose is to buy votes for politicians with your money. Alas, they do more than that: they fray the cords of community. When people have to work together in voluntary cooperation to secure retirement income, health care, and education, they build community. When the government does it, the people fall to squabbling and grabbing their piece of the pie. So the only thing to do with government is to cut.

Grow, Baby, Grow. Our liberal friends are convinced that government must invest in the infrastructure to build "public goods." That is the rationale behind President Obama's crazed push for fast trains, clean green energy, and the rest of the liberal crony capitalist agenda. But almost all "big ideas" for government investment have ended in tears, from government credit allocation to government energy policy. There's a very simple reason for this. Politicians are experts in winning elections, and businessmen are experts in growing the economy. Politicians should stick to politics, and let businessmen get on with business. Come on liberals: we all know how to grow the economy. You do it will low tax rates on people and low taxes on jobs."

Good stuff - read the rest here.

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