Monday, June 13, 2011

CFP: Perpetual Media War Against Palin Exposes Imbecility of Mindless Critics

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Good article at Canada Free Press called Perpetual Media War Against Palin Exposes Imbecility of Mindless Critics.

A snippet:

"I. Overview of the Anti-Palin Phenomenon

A. Why Palin?

What causes the emotionally overwrought and laughably illiterate anti-Palin movement? It is the result of an exclusive media-produced event, directed by the upper echelons of the democrat establishment. It was launched for the sake of survival. Because, if Conservatives were allowed to proffer a virtuous, smart and effective female candidate for office—one which combined the best ideals of feminism and family life—then who would then need liberals and democrats?

B. Liberal Banality

Liberals rent out whatever subgroup they can persuade to help them amalgamate power. They entice special interest groups to enter their camp, then dispose of them like used toilet paper. For example, only liberals care about African Americans, correct? It’s just a coincidence out-of-wedlock births now account for over 70% of Black newborns since welfare was established. Again, liberals “love and protect” women, right? This is symbolized by safeguarding abortion, as we all know. So, it must be a meaningless detail that abortion eliminates half a million female fetal humans a year.

C. Block Idiots From Office!

Liberals claim the right to attack Palin because such a stupid woman must be blockaded from public office. After all, only a moron like Palin could beat a sitting governor in her first statewide primary, and then a former governor in the general election. And the fact Sarah organized the largest private building project in North American history—the TransCanada Pipeline—is of course, blind luck.

But seriously—below the surface, in the seamy American leftist underbelly, the anti-Palin sentiments are driven by a hatred of real conservatism, wholesale opposition to Christianity, and a surprisingly virulent, anti-modern loathing of real women in public life.

D. Evidence of Imbecility?

For example, other than the emotional statement that “Palin is an idiot,” what proof is offered for her incompetence? The seething opposition to her is self-contained and utterly circular, a perfect tautology. In other words, we know Sarah is an imbecile because smart, well-informed people have already established her cretinism as one of the chief laws of the universe.

The massive campaign of Palin disrespect has achieved such cachet, even people nominally considered conservative, like the entire Bush family and Joey Scarborough, have backhanded Palin. As the saying goes—With friends like these, who needs enemas?!!"

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