Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"The Mess" decade ends in 2 weeks...

bit of Bougenvilla from my garden this week
How was your first decade of 2000-something?

Last century, the 1900s were all easily referenced by timeframes: the 1900's, the 30s, the 80s, the 90s, etc... but I still can't quite figure out what to call 2000-2010: what do you call it?

My question on Facebook only got 1 answer: "The mess". ha ha ha... OK, let's go with it.

Regardless of 'the mess', all in all, I like a glass half full so yes I had a wonderful decade.

My milestones from 'the mess' of a past decade:

  • Apr 2000 bought my first home & my first ride-on mower.

  • Aug 2000 met my wonderful husband to be.

  • Sep 4, 2001 had belated, wonderful wedding reception as an outdoor summer party.

  • Sep 11, 2001 => American tragedy. America in crisis. Now we're at war... It still haunts.

  • Mar 2002 took a break from corporate land working for stint at a veterinary rehabilitation clinic. After a couple months on meager hourly wage, it hit me: this job was for a teen or 20-something just starting out. I had a brain and skills so went back to a financial sector corporate job as a consultant.

  • Dec 2005 due to company downsizing, got laid off from a job I really loved. Got a nice severance, but when this hit, my husband and I were now committed in our goal to move ourselves from the USA to NZ. Months of snow was a motivating factor as well... We weren't sure how long it would take though...

  • Mar 2006 fully employed again. Awesome and nice job with fun team in Elmhurst, IL.

  • Feb 2007 on cold, windy day, eyelashes frozen, we filled a rented truck and paid the dump to take our trash. After this big clean up: our house was now on the market.

  • May 2007 sold our house

  • Jun 2007 we did it! We packed 80 boxes of personal stuff and moved to New Zealand: mission accomplished.

  • 2002 - 2007 => happy the USA was not attacked again & felt G.W.Bush and D.Cheney did a good job, not perfect, but kept America safe. Most Americans were happy ... but media protested loudly agin' 'em ... on & on & on and on about how much they hate those 2.

  • Aug 2008 curious about USA elections, but severly disappointed in lame duck McCain: I was blown away by new-bee Governor Sarah Palin at the RNC convention. Sarah rocks.

  • Nov 4, 2008 a tragic day in American history: a muslim-pretending-to-be-Christian, false-moderate was fraudulently elected (hello corrupt ACORN) by 22% of Americans. That's right: NO landslide dearies. Do the math: 69 million of the 300-330 million depending on your total = approx 22%. ... such a shame ...

  • 2008: the year the "mainstream" American press "came out" and stopped pretending they are anything but solidly on the liberal, progressive left. The USA federal government now ignores constitutional law and pushes a weird and un-American communist/marxist/socialist propaganda in full force with a compliant media.

  • Jan 20, 2009 A usurper placed as POTUS. All records sealed, a communist oligarchy now runs America... don't think they are communists? Go research facts at NewZeal
  • Apr 2009: first major T.E.A. parties. Millions of grassroots and disgruntled Americans start protesting in every state as they now realize their "elected" representatives no longer represent them.

  • Sep 21, 2009: almost 2,000,000 unhappy T.E.A. party Americans march on Washington D.C. in protest of the current federal government

  • Nov 2009: ClimateGate

  • 2009: the year majority of Americans (40% of us identify as "conservative") became fully awake and engaged. Conservative candidates across America now prepare for 2010 elections.

  • Dec 2009... still pondering the end of "the mess" of a decade... I remain hopeful 2010 will provide new beginnings for America, NZ, other western countries and conservativism...

How was your decade?

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