Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Values, Justice & Truth are in big trouble

I am reposting an entire article called "We are in big trouble" today from American Thinker because it is good.

*To James: I'm not posting your "rebuttals" on my site regarding Sarah Palin & Rush Limbaugh. I do not agree with your opinions as they are unfortunately based on lies. I can tell you have been brainwashed by progressive liberalism to the point you don't even realize you are brainwashed. Rush uses the term "state run media" because "they" all put out the same progressive and un-American messages. If you prefer the state run media message so much instead of free thought, go move to Russia, Iran or Jordan (or similar). See what happens there when you spout ANY anti-government opinions. Part of American civic duty is to VET the "leaders" we elect and hold them accountable. How's that going so far with Obummers? Obviously no media VETTING occurred on the background of the usurper sitting unconstitutionally in the White House. I have a BIG problem with the LACK OF TRANSPARANCY with Obummers background. All true Americans should.*

From American Thinker (by Larrey Anderson is a writer, a philosopher, and submissions editor for American Thinker. He is the author of The Order of the Beloved, and the memoir, Underground: Life and Survival in the Russian Black Market.):

Our country is in big trouble ... huge trouble. It is time that Americans took a hard look at our values, our conception of justice, and our standards for truth. This piece is intended as a first step in that direction.

1) Values

The story of Tiger Woods and his (now admitted) "infidelity" is everywhere. The Woods' story has piqued the prurient interests of America and the world. The story has dominated the mainstream media for days while the injustice being committed against our Navy Seals and the revelation of the computer code from the CRU (exposing the biggest hoax in the history of the world) have gotten scant attention.

Tiger Woods was on the cover of every magazine and tabloid that I saw while standing in line at the grocery store yesterday. Those publications and those stories are on the grocery stores' racks for a reason: Americans are buying them.

We are more interested in the private life of a guy whose claim to fame is that he can hit a little ball with a stick better than anyone else in the world (whoopee!) than we are about the destruction of our culture.

It is not Tiger Woods' moral values that concern me. (Celebrities of his stature face enormous temptations from all kinds of hustlers and harlots everyday of their lives.) It is the facts that while our freedoms and Constitution crumble before our eyes ... we are focused on Tiger and his bimbos.

This is our iniquity -- not Tiger's.

2) Justice

Meanwhile our politically correct military has arraigned two Navy Seals for allegedly punching Ahmed Hashim Abed in the lip. Abed was the terrorist who, several years ago, led the murder and the brutalization of the corpses of four Blackwater security people in Iraq.
Al Qaeda instructs its members how to claim and/or fake being tortured if a member of the terrorist organization is captured.

But Al Qaeda is not the real issue here. We are. America has become so politically correct that a terrorist/murderer/sadist, who bitches about his bloodied lip, might get some of the best and bravest men on this planet thrown into jail. Americans had better pay attention, and soon, to this nonsense.

Very special and highly trained military men, including these Navy Seals, are all who stand between a worldwide Islamic war of Jihad and you and me. If we do not rise up to defend these brave soldiers, and demand a full pardon and their immediate release, here is what will happen: Dedicated young men and women will refuse to put their lives on the line if a poke in the face, of someone who would kill them in a heartbeat, gets the soldiers time in the brig.

Would you take that job? Make those sacrifices? Put your life on the line? Would you complete your mission, catch the bad guy, and then be thrown into jail for your efforts? I wouldn't. No rational human being would.

Justice in the real world is not politically correct. "Pretty please" or "We respect your unmitigated desire (and efforts) to kill us" are not phrases that matter to a mass murderer. And the next time some whiny PC liberal tells me "We are better than they are," my reply is going to be, "Of course we are. That's why Ahmed Hashim Abed only got (allegedly) punched in the face. He wasn't shot in the head, beaten with sticks, burned, and hung on a bridge. How much better than they are do we have to be to make you happy?"

3) Truth

Since the release of the CRU documents that prove the fraud of the science behind man made global warming, Al Gore has said at least three times (Andrew Bolt of the Herald Sun puts it at four) that the emails and information were all ten years old. This is a lie. It has been repeated again and again by Al Gore. Some of the emails are less than two months old. And dozens upon dozens are less than ten years old. And everyone -- but Al Gore -- knows it.
Watch the video of the CNN interview with Gore here. One reporter does say to Gore, as a kind of aside, "Some of them [the emails] were from ten years ago, but many of them were far more recent than that."

Gore ignores the statement. Neither of the two reporters further disputes Gore's "ten year old" fabrication. No follow-up challenge from the CNN reporters to Gore's out right lie. None.

The mainstream media has downplayed the significance of the CRU documents. The headline of a recent AP story proclaims that the science from the CRU was not faked. Really? As (among others) Marc Sheppard, Lord Monckton, and I have proven the CRU findings most certainly were doctored. The raw date was manipulated to "prove" that the world is exponentially warming. There is no doubt about this.

And still, the mainstream media has not challenged Al Gore on the blatant absurdity of his claim that the documents were at least ten years old and have no real impact on the AGW debate.

CNN did ask him to recite his new poem on the impending doom of mother earth. See that video here. (But not if you have recently eaten a meal. You could lose it.)

John 8:32 states the following:
Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

The corollary of this brilliant piece of scripture should also be written. It would go something like this:

If you ignore the lies, the lies will imprison you.
Wake up America. The time for the truth to set us free is growing very, very short.


  1. I have always that that the truth is strong enough to stand up to questions. Suppressing a dissenting opinion is certainly not leading by example.

    I have to wonder what hit such a nerve in what I said. I simply disagreed and asked a few questions. I did not rant. I even acknowledged that I was wrong on a key point. I guess you're looking more for "monologue" than "dialogue" here. That's understandable and perfectly fine.

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, along with a "jaunty and boldly smart" life. :^) I won't be troubling you again.

  2. OK James, I'll try not to supress you. I do appreciate you admitted you were wrong about Sarah Palin, so that is a good thing.

    We'll just agree to disagree about what "state run media" means to you or to me.

    I suppose I am now in full fledged Saucy mode because I see the trouble the USA is in and it is because so many progressives are not thinking straight.

    I do tend to monologue about it here because it is my way of venting... after all, tis my blog.

    You have a wonderful and Merry Christmas this year, James... cheers