Friday, December 11, 2009

T.E.A. parties: the powerful starfish

Starfish ... aren't fish at all...
Starfish are echinoderms and they have no head or centralized nervous system. This doesn't mean they don't have a nervous system - just that it isn't located centrally as in most other animals. The starfish nervous system is spread throughout their bodies and arms.
Most starfish can regenerate a lost arm. This is a very unique quality. Whoops, a predator chopped off arm and think they killed me? No problem, just grow another... survive and carry on.
T.E.A. parties are currently leaderless... which is a good thing. Why?

AT suggests: Read it, and you'll better understand why the Tea Party Movement is surging while the Republican Party isn't. The book describes the success of leaderless organizations using the analogy of a spider, which is killed when its head is cut off, versus the starfish, which, when a tentacle is cut off, grows a new one.

The great Aztec civilization existed for centuries before the Spaniards arrived on the continent. Cortés told the Aztec leader, Montezuma, give me your gold or your life. Montezuma gave Cortés his gold, and Cortés killed him anyway. The Aztec civilization did not survive the loss of its leader. The head of the spider had been cut off.

The Apaches, on the other hand -- a leaderless "starfish" society -- survived hundreds of years of the Spaniards' trying to do what they did to the Aztecs. As Brafman and Beckstrom write:
You wanted to follow Geronimo? You followed Geronimo. You didn't want to follow him? Then you didn't. The power lay with each individual.

We are seeing the "starfish" Tea Party Movement, with candidates running in both Democratic and Republican primaries. When they are shut out by the party establishments, as happened in New York's 23rd congressional district, they are running as independents or under third parties.
"Starfish" tea partiers are learning how to organize, raise money, and utilize the alternative media in record numbers. They are voicing their opposition to unaccountable Big Government and promoting productive policy alternatives through the Founders' guiding principles.

From the tea parties, the grassroots, and the alternative media, we are seeing new leaders emerge. Like our Founders, they understand that their strength of leadership does not come from a political party, but from consent of the governed. That is why they don't hitch their wagons to one person or one party.

The title of Brafman's book explains the concept: though a starfish and a spider have similar shapes, their internal structure is dramatically different—a decapitated spider inevitably dies, while a starfish can regenerate itself from a single amputated leg. In the same way, decentralized organizations (like T.E.A. parties) are made up of many smaller units capable of operating, growing and multiplying independently of each other, making it very difficult for a rival force to control or defeat them.

America wins. Communist infiltration in the W.House: ends.

Lookout 2010. T.E.A. partiers are just getting warmed up....

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