Friday, May 3, 2013

Kermit Gosnell will go to Hell: Circle 7 awaits all Murderers

My Catholicism is a bit rusty.  However, I was raised to be a good Catholic girl who minded her parents rules, followed their and the church's moral instructions, went to CCD and attended mass every Sunday.  Christians believe in Heaven and Hell - and even an in-between place called Purgatory.

I've of the mind there will be a very, very special place in Hell reserved for Kermit Gosnell.  And hopefully he'll be sent there much sooner rather than later.  I'm thinking Dante's Circle 7, Ring 1 would be quite a good fit.

An artistic interpretation of Dante's circles of Hell:

A wee part of Dante's poem regarding Circle 7 - description from Bartleby:

"Descending by a very rugged way into the seventh circle, where the violent are punished, Dante and his leader find it guarded by the Minotaur; whose fury being pacified by Virgil, they step downward from crag to crag; till, drawing near the bottom, they descry a river of blood, wherein are tormented such as have committed violence against their neighbor. At these, when they strive to emerge from the blood, a troop of Centaurs, running along the side of the river, aim their arrows; and three of their band opposing our travellers at the foot of the steep, Virgil prevails so far that one consents to carry them both across the stream; and on their passage, Dante is informed by him of the course of the river, and of those that are punished therein."


’Midst these I many a face remember’d well.
Thus shallow more and more the blood became,
So that at last it but imbrued the feet;
And there our passage lay athwart the foss.
“As ever on this side the boiling wave
Thou seest diminishing,” the Centaur said,
“So on the other, be thou well assured,
It lower still and lower sinks its bed,
Till in that part it reuniting join,
Where ’tis the lot of tyranny to mourn.
There Heaven’s stern justice lays chastising hand
On Attila, who was the scourge of earth,
On Sextus and on Pyrrhus, 11 and extracts
Tears ever by the seething flood unlock’d
From the Rinieri, of Corneto this,
Pazzo the other named, 12 who fill’d the ways
With violence and war.” This said, he turn’d,
And quitting us, alone repass’d the ford.

From Wolfram's HELL: THE WAILING AND GNASHING OF TEETH, a further description of circle 7:


"This circle holds those condemned for Brutishness or Bestiality, the morbid states in which what is naturally repulsive becomes attractive. The guardian of this circle is the Minotaur, which normally lets no-one pass easily, but who suffers from fits of rage, during which he can be avoided.

This Circle is divided into three rings, each of which deals with sinners condemned for different types of violence.


In the first Ring, which lies directly below the edge of the Sixth Circle, are found those who were violent to their neighbours in life, whether it be from malice, homicide, or plundering. It consists entirely of the River Phlegethon (also known as the River Phlegyas), a river of boiling blood. Its smell is overpowering, fresh blood and clotted blood, copper bright and polluted foul.

As they wallowed in blood during their lives, so in Hell those condemned here are immersed in boiling blood forever, the depth of each according to the degree of his guilt, while fierce centaurs and the damned souls of people who had to be violent as part of their duty, but who enjoyed it, patrol the banks, ready to shoot with their arrows and other weapons any sinner who raises himself out of the boiling blood beyond the limits permitted him. The depth of the blood varies from ankle-deep to over a person's head. The sinners condemned to the banks wear the uniforms they wore in life, from all periods of history; their eyes are dull, expressionless and intent on their task. "

I will add Gosnell - and any, all like him who participate in any post birth infanticide procedures in America or elsewhere - when they die and awake in (no doubt) circle 7 and try scramble out of the rivers of boiling blood, they will have their spines snipped by ghouls. 

Just like they did to innocent babies born alive...

Gosnell and ilk's murderous tortured bodies will writhe in pain and tumble back in to the boiling blood ...only to awake in the same place... over and over again.

Where else would they go?  May they spend eternity in Hell... circle 7 awaits.

Choose ADOPTION not abortion. 
I pray you make a better choice than murder.

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