Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ism Ideology: the masses are asses

Check out interesting speech from post over at Trevor Loudon by Teresa Monroe-Hamilton:

Does an ex-communist describing O being a marxist-communist hold weight? His mentors were communists.  Didn't they install their ideals in him?

Teresa notes:

"The red disease is spreading across the globe and (recently) it used the facade of a May Day celebration to spread Communism, “workers’ rights” and violence in many countries such as Turkey, Greece, Spain, Venezuela and Italy. And the Communists are looking to take over the world, a la Pinko and the Brain. But I’m not laughing anymore. Chicago also seemed to be a Commie hub on May Day with thousands screaming to legalize illegal aliens (per the Communist Antonio Gramsci’s doctrine) and demand higher pay. Yes, Chicago is the home of the illegal and the land of free hand-outs. The perfect breeding ground for a Marxist such as Barack Obama."

Read the rest here

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