Sunday, May 19, 2013

AT: IRS Scandal - a Basic Primer

good column over at American Thinker today called The IRS Scandal -- a Basic Primer

Here's a bit:

"First, don't let people forget: the IRS scandal is not about conservative accusations. The Inspector General of the U.S. Treasury issued a report finding that the Internal Revenue Service sharply discriminated against conservative organizations. This is confirmed by Treasury's Inspector General.

Second, a group's political beliefs and positions ought to be totally irrelevant. Tax exemption must be based on what an organization does, not what it believes or what positions it supports. Whether a group teaches the Constitution or teaches union tactics doesn't matter, it is educating either way. Therefore, the IRS should not have been looking at the name of the organization, whether liberal or conservative, but on the substance of the organization.

Third, many people don't realize that nearly all liberal political organizations are tax exempt. There has been a lot of distraction and diversion focused on whether or not the IRS should have scrutinized tea party groups. However,, NARAL Pro-Choice America, People for the American Way, Planned Parenthood (which has been active in partisan election campaigns), Media Matters, etc., are all tax exempt. Organizations on the Left similar to tea party groups have had tax exempt status forever.

Fourth, don't allow people to wander away from the central point that the scandal is about a double standard -- not whether people believe political organizations should be tax exempt. Conservatives seeking tax exempt status were treated very differently from similarly-situated liberal organizations. Sure, some liberal groups were scrutinized. But conservatives were treated differently.

IRS official Lois Lerner fast-walked the tax-exempt application of Barack Obama's half-brother, the best man at President Obama's wedding. Abon'go "Roy' Malik Obama got tax-exempt status in a bureaucratic breakneck speed, in only 30 days, in May 2011, even though it is unclear what if anything the Barack H. Obama Foundation actually does or has done since being approved.

When a conservative organization Media Trackers couldn't get approved after 8 months, it changed its project to the liberal-sounding name "Greenhouse Solutions." With the new name, the exact same project was approved within 3 weeks.

Liberal groups -- even with very political activities -- were systematically approved, and quickly, with relatively little burden or scrutiny, as reported by USA Today.

Groups supporting Israel were discriminated against. In August 2010, a pro-Israel group "Z Street" filed a Federal lawsuit when an IRS staff member admitted that all Israel-related groups were singled out by the IRS for extra scrutiny. There will be a hearing this July 2013, after the case was transferred to the Federal district in Washington, D.C.

The IRS demanded that a Pro-Life group promote abortion in order to get tax-exempt status. No liberal group has such a requirement. NARAL and Planned Parenthood are not required to promote abstinence, adoption, or Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

It is the law that the IRS must answer within 270 days for 501(c)(3) organizations, yet the IRS delayed conservative organizations for more than 540 days."

Inform yourself - read the rest here


  1. Hi, "Saucy"!...Yep, "more stinky Statist crap" tag,indeed! Between this,the AP phone records thing,and the Ben Ghazi cover-up...looks kinda Nixon-ish,which I was glad to learn that American tv Tonight Show host Jay Leno made a crack about this week.I've been watching C-SPAN this week,and hearing Democrats call in to say "Leave this president alone to do his job...and besides,this is just a racist attack" blah blah blah.Embarassing,as well as hypocritical (btw,FDR,JFK,and JC---Jimmy Carter,not Jesus Christ,tho I think he gets confused,sometimes---used the IRS against political enemies,as well).One Demo caller even said "We need to let these good government workers decide who to investigate who is dangerous to our democracy" (I paraphrase).What zombies!I shake my head...

  2. hi tjones..... well at least noone, that we know of, got killed during the Nixon resignation.

    Difference is the MEDIA kept drumming the anti-Nixon beat, where they will do whatever they can now to protect their current commie-in-chief.

    cheers mate