Monday, May 6, 2013

Fundraiser video for "50 to 1" climate change project

From Watts Up With That Help Launch Climate Skeptic Film Project: 50 to 1
"50-to-1 has the potential to shift the climate debate for good!"

Watch the video to see how:

Contribute and read more about it at link below

"What if we could show you that trying to 'stop' climate change is 50 times more expensive than adapting to it?

And what if we could prove it using numbers and formulas accepted by the IPCC, CRU and other 'consensus' bodies?

Well that's exactly what 50-to-1 does.

The original calculations were done by Lord Christopher Monckton who has since presented his conclusions to audiences of scientists, economists and mathematicians all over the world. You can see the calculations and a FULL LIST OF SOURCES here: 50 to 1 calculations and sources
Lord Monckton has now approached me to take the above and present it in a video and web package suitable for mass consumption on the internet. If we can successfully help the general public to understand the futility of 'stopping' climate change and the relative value of adapting, then we can stop wasting money on useless schemes and start putting our money where it will ACTUALLY make a difference.

The 50 to 1 project is designed to get this message to the general public in three different, complimentary ways."

"This project is being administrated by the Lord Monckton Foundation."

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