Saturday, May 18, 2013

daily onslaught of lefty scandals continue

So I haven't posted anything since 9-May-2013 when I mentioned Benghazi (just a 'bump in the road' per O doncha know).  Hearings started featuring whistle blower testimony.  Hearings will continue to determine which of the bunch of lying liars was or is the worst.  Obviously all the lefties are to blame - hopefully the truth will scuttle Hillary's pie in the sky dreams of running for potus 2016.  USA has had enough of the leftist horror policies perpetrated by liars named Clinton. 

What else been happening besides Benghazi!?  So much its hard to keep up.  Associated Press and the media were outraged AP phones were tapped as this Breitbart interview on Fox outlines. 

Besides Benghazi lies and AP taps, yet another huge scandal directly demonstrates the level of corruption in the white house:  the IRS was being used by leftist administration as attack dogs against TEA party, conservative, Christian, Jewish (or other?!) groups applying for tax exempt status.  Gateway Pundit points out white house LIED (well duh) about the IRS targeting practice. Good interview from the other day on Hannity with Mark Levin here at Right Scoop.   B. Darby at Breitbart points out MULTIPLE agencies are being used by minions at the white house to intimidate people including FBI, BATF and EPA

Using IRS, FBI, BATF or EPA as attack weapons?!  Peachy way to frighten every day folks - and completely ILLEGAL by the way!

Did I mentioned M. Malkin wrote about one of the IRS people "in charge" or involved with illegal activities?  Sarah Hall Ingram - is gonna be in charge of stuff for O-scare health care!  That should work out great, right? 

SCANDAL-PALOOZA!  I can smell the tyranny from Washington all they way down here in NZ and it stinks.

This cartoon is a clever summary of this week - more big government grows, the worse it is...

Of course you heard late term abortionist baby-killer "doctor" Kermit Gosnell was found GUILTY of murder.  He did some deal to get the death penalty off the table for his sentencing.  Bit ironic eh?  He didn't give newborn BABIES any mercy for the lives he and his minions SNIPPED short.

The saddest part of the Gosnell story?  THERE ARE MANY MORE CLINICS JUST LIKE IT: see this story from Chicks On The Right.

Will the western world wake up to how horrible this is?  Hopefully the laws will change and "Planned Parenthood" (just jerks who kill babies) will get DE-FUNDED if you get the public to care about unborn life.

Don't forget the on-going cuddling of muslim regimes by the O-regime, corruption in handing out taxpayer money via Pigford - and lots of other scandals. Is the regime funding or providing guns in Syria - is that why Ambassor Stevens was even in Benghazi?  Will any O-followers WAKE UP now?!  The "gang of 8" wants to give amnesty to illegals, too - that will work out just grrrrreat (bye bye America)...

Someone just tweeted this on Twitter:

"We are seeing the fruits of the Left #IRS #benghazi #AP #EPA #pigford and they are rotten to the core"

True dat.

Oh and remember the list of O scandals topped 900............. in January 2010

Guess there's been a few since. DAILY!   PJMedia had decent scandal list Nov 2012 here. My head spins.  I need a nap... or popcorn.

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