Saturday, February 4, 2012

Will Barry be put on 2012 potus ballot in Georgia?

We DON'T KNOW YET!  Obamster 'n' crew were no shows recently in Georgia in a court were their presence was required by a judge.  Well, come on, Oblabla is ABOVE the law don't you know, he is supreme ruler!  He and his minions scoff at the legal state courts who demand they participate. 

Other states besides Georgia (like Florida and even Illinois!) are trying to find out through the courts if TheWon can legally appear on their states ballot for 2012.  The judge in Georgia has not made a ruling yet, but the eventual ruling will be sent to the Georgia secretary of state who, I believe, will then decide if Barry meets the Georgia requirements to be on the ballot. 

Stay tuned for news out of Georgia the media is trying very hard to ignore!

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