Saturday, February 4, 2012

Who is The Establishment?

WE.THE.PEOPLE do NOT want Mittens Establishment Romney for POTUS!!!

Ann Coultergeist, Karl "establishment" Rove and other "establishment" Republicans who have swarmed in their concerted attacks against Newt Gingrich.  They are part of the establishment who are all in for Mittens Romney.  God Help America...

But who exactly ARE these "establishment" types?  People who WANT big government - their treasury trough - kept in place.  They don't want the boat rocked, they want the coffers of tax payer money for themselves! 

Disclaimer:  I'm NO fan of Ron Paul at all, but this 13-Jan-2012 vid explains who is The Establishment very well from Judge Napolitano on Fox:



  1. Lisa,

    That was an interesting clip though the Judge didn't answer his own question. I don't generally watch him as I consider him to be as nutty as Ron Paul. I'm no Romney fan (pulling for Rick Santorum now) but that "establishment" moniker is getting a bit over used.

    What no one seems to consider is that "We the people" are voting and Romney is winning. Again - not my choice, but come the 6 March primary in Virginia I'll pull the lever for Romney as the only alternative on the ballot to Ron Paul. Gingrich failed to get on our ballot as did Perry - and no one else even tried.

  2. hi Common Snse, I suppose Mr. Romney would be only slightly preferrable to Mr. Paul. I am hoping Gingrich or santorum beats both Romney or Paul.

    Guess we'll see as there are what, some 40+ states left? ......... Its gonna be a long year

    Can't WAIT until Oblather is GONE-O

  3. Lisa -

    You and me too. Living in the shadow of DC as I do - the whole Obamanation thing is getting very, very tiresome.

    I was out collecting signatures today for George Allen (running for Senate) and actually saw an "Obama 2012" sticker - makes you wonder what they're smoking.