Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ezra talks to ex Greenpeace founder

hattip iOwnTheWorld


  1. Lisa,

    Great find - one of the most fascinating interviews I've heard in years. I had never heard of that guy until I saw this:

    Good stuff all from Canada!

  2. hi Common Snse, go Canada....! :)

    I like Ezra, he's a great voice of common sense

  3. THANK you so much,Lisa for posting this! Duly forwarded on my facebook,as well as e-mailed to friends.

  4. hey there tjones... cheers mate, thanks for stopping by

  5. Greenpeace here in NZ was once a group that concerned people of both left and right could support, which is a rare creature indeed.

    Err.. 'back in the day' of 1972 (don't ask!), kiwis of all stripes were pissed with the french for their atmospheric nuclear tests at Mururoa atoll. The newly elected labor(left) govt of the time supported this opposition by sending a NZ Navy frigate to support the greenpeace protest yacht there.

    Now if you are reading this from a conservative viewpoint, kindly recall that both the US & USSR had ceased above ground testing some 10 years before this by agreement. Also the french had assured us that such testing was totally harmless. This made all NZ'rs angry as the obvious response was "well if that's the case.. detonate them in france!".

    The sinking of the greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior here in NZ back in 1985 only sustained their broad support here.
    I think that the fall of communism back in 1990 saw a lot of rats looking for a place to go. That place for many such rats is environmentalism.

    One thing at present can be said for sure, they won't make the world a better place.

  6. hi nzgarry, yes I know a little bit about the Rainbow Warrior and the french agents bombing it and killing a man on board it by 'accident' (right...)...

    Greenpeace has morphed into a not-very-nice org though, full of communists...

    shame, isn't it