Saturday, February 11, 2012

then they came for the Catholics

hattip: backyard conservative

I was raised Catholic.  It is a very nice religion full of loving people, moral teachings, honest people, kindness and forgiveness, helping each other, helping the poor, following the commandments, priests, nuns, schools, counseling for those in need... the whole kit and caboodle. 
Catholics do not believe in birth control or abortion. (the case against abortion) 

The White House is now at war with Catholics and wants them to put aside their long held strong beliefs because they (leftists) say so
America was formed because by people who wanted religious freedom!  Sen. Rand Paul points out "All Americans’ religious freedoms are protected by the First Amendment. The earliest colonists who came to this country in the pre–Revolutionary War days traveled here because they were seeking a home in which they could practice their religion in freedom and peace without government persecution. Religious freedom — which has been called “our first liberty” — is ingrained in the very fabric of our national culture.

But HHS and the administration have decided that their goal of state-run health care trumps our first liberty. What the president is attempting to do here is something generally witnessed only in totalitarian and authoritarian regimes."

Leftists continue their scourge of trying to transform America...


  1. It's a cliche by now...but the problem with Statists is that their religion IS The State,with all its coersive powers,thru the police and military,rather than actions undertaken by individual's conscience.Mussolini defined Fascism as "Nothing above the State,nothing below the State,nothing outside the State...",etc. THAT is a scary attitude. It is a prideful,egocentric attitude that does not allow for the interaction of conscience between an individual and the Creator...

  2. it is very scary tjones...! thanks for commenting