Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whittle: American Exceptionalism

If a country with only 5% of the world's population: America - has the highest level of exceptionalism in military, economic, scientific and cultural areas - more than any other country in the world, WHY would you want to "fundamentally transform" America into anything other than the great country she already is?

... so, what have you done today to promote American exceptionalism? Go - do something...!


This was from Nov 2010, last in the "What we believe" series... More at: Declaration Entertainment


  1. I believe that the Constitution of the United States has formed the American character. That is to say, Americans are different from (for instance) New Zealanders. Sure, we have a lot in common. But 'British' style democracy does not go far enough to instill the love of liberty.
    We rely on 'decency' to get along rather than a constitution, just as the Victorian British did.

    The trouble is, decency is rare these days and the British themselves are finding this out too.
    For all that, I have modest confidence in the future of NZ. I also have confidence in the future of the US, so long as that precious Constitution does not get undermined!.

  2. hi nzgarry

    The Constitution, Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights were key documents in the founding of the American Republic. America is not a Democracy and is not supposed to be! :)

    America decided to become its own country and cast off British monarchy as their 'rulers'.

    NZ has done no such thing (yet anyway). NZ is still part of the British commonwealth. NZ may become her own country if she decides she can unite as one people and write a constitution of her own.

    Do you think you can convince the Maori leadership who fight for theirs (whatever it may be) unhappy with being invaded by other people who won out over them?

    From my observations, seems NZ is content to be a wee British colony who placate the 15% who are part Maori... What would make NZ united? A constitution? Don't know...

    For America, only 30% even wanted revolution back in 1776 when it finally was finished. 30% were happy with British rule and remaining didn't care.

    What would be the percent in NZ right now who want their own country?

    I wonder...

    cheers mate