Friday, October 29, 2010

Choices are clear Nov2 for America

Victor Davis Hanson explains why Americans are upset and eager to vote next Tuesday in the Nov 2nd midterm elections. Mr. Hanson summarizes just a few of the unhappy items from the 21 months into TheOne-Reid-Peelousy regime:

"A vast new health care monstrosity that will send private insurance rates through the ceiling. The Machiavellian way in which it was slammed through. Failed stimulus. Wasteful pork-barrel spending of hundreds of billions in borrowed money. Persistent near 10% unemployment. Three trillion dollars in new debt in just two years. Record levels of federal spending. The vast increase in the size of government and its share of GDP. Eight years of projected $1 trillion annual budget deficits. Record high foreclosures. Record high usage of food stamps. The Keynesian zeal of Romer/Summers/Orzag followed by their sudden resignations in the wake of failure. Constant talk of higher taxes on “them”— the promised new health care surcharge taxes, the promised return to the Clinton income tax rates, talk of a VAT, talk of lifting the caps on income subject to FICA taxes, new capital gains taxes, new inheritance taxes on the horizon.

The use of extra-cabinet czars to avoid confirmation and audit. The neglect of the law, from reversing the order of Chrysler creditors to announcing a BP $20 billion shakedown and punishments for health insurers who don’t toe the line. The ascendance of ACORN and SEIU. The months-long shutdown of Gulf drilling. The failure to encourage coal, nuclear, and oil and gas new production. The Black Panther voting intimidation mess. The bowing abroad. The apologies. The outreach to enemies, and the snubbing of allies. The unnecessary humiliation of Great Britain and Israel. The Iran serial “deadline” charade. The unnecessary announcement of Afghan troop withdrawal deadlines. “Overseas contingency operations” and “man-made disasters.” The proposed civilian trial of KSM. The Ground Zero mosque mess. The beer summit mess. NASA’s new main mission of Muslim outreach. Stopping the border fence. Suing Arizona and demonizing the state. The apologies to the Chinese over the Arizona law, which was trashed from the White House lawn by the president of Mexico, and sued by foreign governments to the apparent approval of the administration.

The constant “Bush did it” refrain. The gratuitous slurs against limb-lopping doctors. The thrashing of the “rich” going to the Super Bowl and Las Vegas. The artificial divide of them/us based on $250,000 of annual income. The racial divisiveness from a sad cast of characters that gave us “cowards,” “stupidly,” “wise Latina,” and whites polluting the ghetto. Unhinged appointees like Van Jones and Anita Dunn. The occasional unguarded admissions like “never waste a crisis” and “at some point I do think you’ve made enough money.” The wacky behavior from the whining of “like a dog” to the sudden junketing to Copenhagen to lobby for the Chicago Olympics. The Orwellian cheap damning of the Bush anti-terrorism protocols only to accept or expand tribunals, renditions, Guantanamo, Predators, Iraq, and intercepts and wiretaps. The golf obsession and Costa del Sol while trashing the indulgent rich.

I’ll stop there since we have another 27 months to go."
Crikey, Mr. Hanson's brief summary only covers SOME of why America is angry!...
If the "democrat" agenda continues unchecked? Rush gives us an explanation of "What Would the Country Look Like Should Obama's Agenda Prevail?" It is NOT pretty...

"Imam Obama said that his agenda is on the ballot. So all we have to do is look at his agenda. Well, what did his agenda do? Obama's agenda has dramatically driven up unemployment. Unemployment will continue to be high and go higher if the Democrats stay in power. Obama has driven up the deficit so we would have to expect the deficit will remain high. We also know that taxes will go up on the premise that we will lower the deficit by raising taxes. So Americans will become poorer. Fewer Americans will be working. Those who aren't working will be taken care of with transfer payments, redistribution of wealth, as Obama continues his assault on achievement. The remaining achievers in this country will become targeted even more.

With higher taxes, punitive regulations, disincentives to start businesses and what have you. A vote for a Democrat is a vote for the results of Obama's agenda. Under Obama and without any complaint from Democrats, we have deliberate attempts to spark class warfare and racial divide. We have more racial division in this country than we've had since 1964, sponsored by and brought to us by Obama. We have an attorney general who looks the other way at black-on-white election fraud. By design. We have a civil rights division of the Justice Department that says its only reason for existence is to make sure that blacks are not cheated in elections. It's okay if whites are, because that's just leveling the playing field from years ago.

Class warfare will continue, racial division will continue and get even worse. By design. We have czars. We have people appointed by the president to serve in positions that do work that we don't know. They are paid salaries we don't know. They are accountable to no one. They report only to Obama; they do not have to get confirmed before the Senate. We have an all-out effort to empower parasitic unions to continue to fund outrageous, unpayable gold-plate pensions. States' bankruptcy will proceed on schedule, the unions and their pension plans and their health payments and their retirement funds will be paid no matter what consequence occurs to you, me or our country.
All of this destruction, all of this transfer of wealth, all of this redistribution, all of this overseeing of America in decline will be paid for by the American taxpayer."

So vote "D" if you want that agenda... or, better still a GREAT idea from Canada Free Press: if you're confused or don't know what is going on: don't vote.

Side note: there is GREAT news for "D"s who DO WANT the agenda Rush describes. They can go somewhere it has already been put implemented: Cuba... move there instead. Bon voyage!

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