Thursday, October 7, 2010

Alinsky antidote -> Rules for Radical Conservatives

Review from Brad Thor at Amazon: "Normally when someone whispers, “Psssst, hey buddy,” at me (especially when I’m in Hollywood), I keep on walking. But for someone reason when David Kahane did it, I stopped and I listened. And boy, did I get a politically insightful earful.

Kahane is the pseudonymous persona of a highly-connected, extremely funny, and incredibly bright Hollywood liberal who has turned to eating his own. Reading Kahane is like sitting next to Sean Connery in that scene from The Untouchables when he tells Elliot Ness that the only way he’ll ever beat Capone is to beat him at his own game, to beat him the Chicago way, and that’s what Rules for Radical Conservatives is all about-–beating the leftists at their own game.

Don’t ask me why Kahane, the Arthur Frommer of the left, turned against his once beloved Progressive movement, just be glad that he has. Throughout this brilliant book, we get a poignant (and hysterical) peek behind the leftist curtain and learn what motivates them, how they operate, how they have co-opted media, education, government, and more. Best of all, Kahane offers us an ingenious, point-by-point roadmap for taking our country back.

If you haven’t read Kahane before, you’re in for a treat."

Kylie Anne Shiver at AT writes: "But of course Walsh's book would be vibrant and colorful, where Alinsky's is nothing but stale adolescent peevishness in dun-colored verbiage. After all, Walsh is strong Irish-Catholic stock, whose father was a lifetime Marine, and Alinsky was just a dull-witted atheist with an absent father, whose mother was a harridan of the neighborhood. The voice of the shrew, Alinsky's mother, is as loud and off-putting in Rules for Radicals as the voice of God is fresh and alluring in Walsh's Rules for Radical Conservatives. In Walsh's work, this classic literary device has inspired the David Kahane muse, a cunning, lifelong, ultra-believing liberal willing to spill his guts on all the wiles, ways, and means of the nihilist left, just so conservatives will have a fighting chance to save the soul of America from the diabolical aims of the Alinskyites. In other words, if you loved The Screwtape Letters -- and who of good heart didn't? -- then you will find "Kahane's" manual a rip-roaring laugh a minute even as your spine shudders at the very real and imminent dangers we Americans now face."

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