Sunday, March 11, 2012

top 10 lies from HBO's "Game Change"

I'm sure you will be really SHOCKED Hollywood HBO lefties made a movie ("Game Change") filled with lies about Sarah Palin's 2008 VP run with John McCain...  No... not shocked?  Of course you aren't...  Last year, HBO obviously assumed Sarah would be running for 2012 potus and timed their movie release to a week after super Tuesday to try to potray her negatively.

Breitbart has a good round up of the top 10 lies in this movie.  Save your money, don't give it to Hollywood liars.  If you want to see a realistic movie about what Palin is about, go rent or watch "The Undefeated" instead: it is playing this week on ReelzChannel March 11th in the USA. 

Here is just one of the ten lies at Breitbart about 'Game Change':
"Lie #10: HBO released a defensive statement to the press along with screeners of the film saying the project "is a balanced portrayal of the McCain/Palin campaign." Having seen the movie in its entirety, I can say that that statement is beyond absurd. There was nothing "balanced" about the story they told. As someone who has studied Palin's career for years, I can say that I didn't even recognize the person sold as "Governor Palin," here played by Julianne Moore.
Beyond the grotesque character assassination, there is a heavy partisan imbalance at work. "Game Change" portrays most Republicans in a bad light -- everyone minus Steve Schmidt (Woody Harrelson), Nicolle Wallace (Sarah Paulson), Mark Wallace (Ron Livingston), and Chris Edwards (Larry Sullivan). One character refers to former Vice President Dick Cheney as "Darth Vader," while the McCain/Palin rallies depict unhinged men yelling "terrorist" and "he's a Muslim" at the mention of Obama's name. Then, there was the the quote they placed toward the end of the movie which had Sen. John McCain (Ed Harris) warning Palin not to get "co-opted by Limbaugh and the other extremists." None of these instances were balanced and were clearly told from a left-wing point of view."

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  1. Lisa- Are you telling me that the former V.P. candidate is not the crazy, mentally unhinged, retard that she is made out to be? I got Undefeated programmed for the DVR. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. lol J.O.B.... actress Moore, still an avid, vapid Oblech supporter, is really the smart one, right!?

  3. I'm sure she did the portrayal at a minimal fee.

  4. Lisa- Thank you so very much............. If you get a chance, check out my blog.

  5. I am so pleased to discover this blog! Sometimes I feel like I am the only person in NZ (apart from my family) who like and admire Sarah Palin! Good on you for publishing this post from Big Hollywood.

  6. hi Clifford... thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment...

    have a good day

    cheers mate