Saturday, March 17, 2012

17 new minutes of lies, O dear leader propaganda

by Erin Bonsteel
Did you hear an American flag was defaced recently, flying at Florida DNC headquarters, with a picture of Mr. McHopeNchange?  That is illegal, right?
How about a possible career ending 17 minute propaganda film narrated by a leftist Hollywood liar?  Besides Matt Damon, Julianne Moore, Sean Penn... now I will never pay for nor watch another Tom Hanks film.  Ever. 
Too bad.  I thought "Big" was a cute film. 
I'm going to do what I can and put my money where my mouth is:  I will only support or watch conservative or truthful films on TV or at the theater. 
The "SoHo" channel here in NZ is going to show the lying film 'Game Change'.  We will be cancelling our subscription to SoHo.  I'll be happy to tell them why. 
So about that 17 minute communist propaganda film...  Ben Shapiro at Breitbart points out:
"The Obama re-election campaign has released a 17-minute documentary directed by Oscar-winner Davis Guggenheim, and narrated by Tom Hanks. Unfortunately, it’s more of a mockumentary than a documentary, containing a toxic mix of glowing pap and absolute falsehood."

"This is when Hanks pipes in with the biggest laugh line of the video: “And when he faced his country, who looked to him for answers, he would not dwell in blame or dreamy idealism … As president, the tough decisions that he would make would not only determine the course of the nation, they’d reveal the character of the man.” This is patently absurd. Obama has done nothing but blame George W. Bush for all of his problems, including foot fungus, for the last four years. His speeches are a constant combination of high-flown rhetoric (dreamy idealism, you might say) and purposeful falsehoods about his economic plans. This is not a president who took responsibility. This is a president who rammed through legislation, then blamed Bush when everything when wrong."

"Well, no. If you’ll recall, the Obama auto bailout was a massive giveaway to the unions, with Obama cramming down actual investors and bondholders in the auto companies in order to appease his union base. People who had been injured in car crashes and won settlements against the car companies lost their ability to recover, while fat cat union bosses gained control over the levers of power. As for Obama’s fabled “modernization” of the car companies, production of the Chevy Volt (Obama’s favorite car) has now been stopped because it had the unfortunate habit of catching on fire. So there’s that."

... and the lies in Washington by water carrying media continue... at least they are consistent... what is really amazing to me is they actually think anyone still believes their lies.  LOL!

DNC's illegal USA flag... was anyone arrested yet?!


  1. As you have doubtless discovered Saucy, our media here in NZ has a lefty bias.
    Radio and some parts of the press such as Newstalk ZB, The Christchurch Press and the National Business Review stand out as exceptions.

  2. thanks nzgarry... yes, the lefty bias in NZ media gets annoying... just posted about it today... I'll check out National Business Review... thanks for the tip! cheers mate