Thursday, March 29, 2012

add Tom Hanks to the stinky statist pile

Add Tom Hanks to this list of Hollywood people I will NEVER watch again (like Jane Fonda who might play Nancy Reagan, geeez, Cuba & Venezuela facist dictator lovin' Sean Penn, idjit Matt Damon and a whole host of other Hollyweird leftist idjits...).

I will vote with my pocketbook by NOT purchasing ANY more of their tripe.
Chris Bannon at Breitbart explains it eloquently regarding HBO's 'Game Change' Palin hit piece:

"Like Clarence Thomas before her, Palin gets an electronic lynching by the mindless media morons and their special interest shock troops. If successful the slash and burn, march to the sea plan would leave nothing but a smoldering mound of ash where hope and promise had burned so brightly. And now we know, that our Hanks and his little TV film are part and parcel of that dastardly plan.
We thought, based on his pretend film characters and his spotless Hollywood reputation, that he was a man of chivalry, a man who would stand up to injustice and call out the bullies with us. He is, after all, known for his depictions of ordinary characters in extraordinary circumstances. But to our disappointment, Hanks took the low road and went "all in" with the unfortunate dark and corrupt forces of personal destruction.
For his part, Hanks goes above and beyond in his loathing portrayal of someone who, like him, overcame all the odds to achieve the American dream. Hard work, tenacity and determination made Hanks and Palin successful, and nobody ever handed them anything. But those virtues are only vices to Hanks now; a man on a different kind of mission.

The saddest part of this story is not Palin but that of Hanks. You see, he was in charge, and he could have risen to the occasion to be as great a producer as he is an actor. He could have taken this Capra-esque story and seized the moment to be heroic, but he passed on all that to instead be cool and loved and "with" the in-crowd. A great producer would have recognized the opportunity of a lifetime that this whole story presented. A first take on a strong, female character. Great characters in the form of the first African American candidate, a former first lady, the first Republican woman on the ticket and a certified American war hero. All of that in the midst of a world financial meltdown.

Trust me, material like that does not come along very often. But instead, Hanks, with his smirking co-conspirators by his side, decided to reduce it to the tabloid trash that it is and the very stuff he, of all people, should revile the most.

A simple question could have solved all of this. Did Heilemann & Halperin get it right, or did they just hear what they wanted to hear because of their own pre-disposition? Did it ever occur to anyone, especially Hanks, that McCain's political manager, Steve Schmidt, and crew, ran a terrible campaign for a very marginal candidate and that they, in fact, needed a scape goat to cover their professional tracks ? Did the authors of the book ever wonder why nobody wanted to go on the record ? The whole thing just stinks.

The unfortunate truth here is that nobody in the food chain wanted to know the truth, so everyone involved fell into line and turned all their guns on Palin, no questions asked. By doing so, they have lost any credibility as journalists, as political experts, as filmmakers and honest brokers.

Truth is stranger than fiction and like they say in the news biz ... you can't write this stuff. I and millions of Tommy's fans are disgusted by it all. We have been deceived and now we see the real Hanks fully exposed from behind the curtain. He is not the humble, "aw, shucks" guy we have been sold by the Hollywood media machine. He is, in fact, just another pompous, self-important pretender who thinks his unique pretending ability gives him license to pontificate."

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