Saturday, March 3, 2012

Be Like Breitbart - we are all citizen journalists now

I was shocked and shed a few tears yesterday (while initially hoping it was a hoax) after reading Andrew Breitbart, alternative media warrior, had died.  I read the news from a email and on his own site His site is full on with articles from an army of citizen journalist warriors. 

from TobyToons
Andrew B. was a great inspiration to many There were/are are many tributes to Mr. Breitbart on the sites I visit daily for my alternative news -like Rush, Levin, Malkin, Delingpole just to name a few.

His legacy will be the continued growth of alternative media - the new media... Lie-fighter Mr. Breitbart understood the left and its ideological infiltration into the media. He has been a leader in helping kill the old media with his tenacity for not taking leftist lies, smear and slander aimed directly at him over the last few years (eg Acorn, Weiner stories). He was the warrior messenger the left tried to stop.. and we all owe him gratitude for his tireless efforts.

I've read he had heart issues a year or so ago. Was he taking good care of himself?

It is fitting though, his last evening was at a corner pub debating politics, a glass of wine in hand - with someone who disagreed with him. He went out fighting. Would I ever inspire anyone even after I die?  I will have to work on that I think...

For now, I look forward to the "Hating Breitbart" movie which will be released in USA's 2012 summer and I'm going to go buy his book (Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World).


I'm also very curious about some tapes Breitbart had found on Oblabla at Harvard. They will be released soon.  Will these tapes change the game? Will they fire up more Americans to help get Obummer the HELL out of the People's office?  It would be such a sweet victory that even in death, Breitbart continues to inspire an army of alternative investigations, writers, bloggers and citizen journalists to help bring down the leviathan lying "old" lamestream media and their protected goliath communist regime Oblather 'n' crew.  That.Would.Be.Sweet.

A new "big" site is coming soon.  What I've always loved about the Big sites is that Andrew B. was always a presence, but he built a site for others to succeed and lead without him.  He built an army that will continue to fight the good fight.  His legacy will live on in all who are not silent any longer.

He will be missed but his inspiration will continue.  Thank you Mr. Breitbart for your hard work, energy, service, passion and lighting the torch - you've helped light the way in the war for truth.  RIP good soldier...

image from the People's Cube

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