Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Newt rising: unhappy electorate speaking with votes

Speaker Mr. Gingrich won the recent SC vote and might win in Florida, too. Mostly in favor of Newt, I did have a big problem with him endorsing Dede Scozzafava-beans (she is a horrid, evil viscious woman) and I cringe at the on-the-couch-with-PeeLousy pic seemingly endorsing AGW.  Yep, Gingrich has made mistakes.  But... noone is perfect.  Gingrich is a flawed human.  Just like everyone.  Regarding his womanizing: yawn, so what?  The 2nd wife making the ABC news with her vindictivness was his mistress first.  She cannot throw stones: she lives in a glass house.  Noone buying her shite except ABC.
Regarding leftists who now scream "character matters!!!", I remember the 8 years of non stop "its OK, sex and personal lives have NO impact on a president's duties..." media mantra over and over again  their boy Billy "I did not have sex with that (Monica Lewinsky) woman" Clinton.  (or ANY loony leftist - remember Edwards or Weiner?!)  The LEFT and their lacky media zombies ARE the party of NO CHARACTER!  The media wants to throw womanizing mud against Gringich?!  NOT gonna stick, nope, South Carolinans spoke loudly: they roared. 

Remember: think critcally - there are no perfect candidates, people or politicians.  Some wanted NJ's Christie (no conservative no way) or Lt Col Allen West to run for potus.  Even T.E.A. party favorite West has made doozy mistakes as a freshman in Congress.  Example: West voted for the black payouts in the Pigford sham...  Et tu Allen?

Will Gingrich keep the lead?  The more the Dems, media, RINOS and pundits like Karl Rove and Ann Coulter slam the Newt... the more I think I like him.  (A flawed old fuddy duddy white guy to replace the magical healing mullatto One?)  Oh yea..!!! ... Plus, Newt is a fighter and correct on lots of stuff... recently regarding Keystone and the O-stupidity:

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