Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Hope Change" on what a Newt win could look like

Commenter "Hope Change" makes an effective argument in the pro-Newt 2012 potus bucket at National Review after article Why Newt Could Win at NPR by Michael Walsh. 

I really enjoy this type of commenter, logical, informed, enthusiastic and participating in helping to save American in 2012.  Here are Miss or Mister "Hope Change" comments:

"Newt will be an outstanding president.

If Newt is the nominee, Newt will win the election, and conservatives will increase in the House and win the Senate. Newt is asking the American People to team up with him. The genius of the American People is what will restore our country to its constitutional basis.

The plan is to repeal Obamacare the first day. The plan is to coordinate with the House and Senate to have the legislation ready on the day Newt is sworn in. Then start with the legislature on a series of small, specific bills to make health care better, based on the patient-doctor relationship.
Also, eliminate all the czars the first day by Executive Order. Because they serve at the will of the president and are created by the president, the czar positions can by law be eliminated by Executive order. This will be done that afternoon, as the Obamas are on Air Force One returning to Chicago. Or Hawaii.

Newt's team is working already on between 100 and 200 Executive Orders for that afternoon, to make a significant change right away to return the country to its Constitutional principles.
Be the time next fall's election is coming up, there will the a clear 21st Century Contract With America up on Newt's website, as well as legislation the newly-elected conservatives will be promising to pass.

The goals are reasonable and sooooo beneficial: to lower TAX RATES (which will raise TAX REVENUES; see the Laffer Curve), to simplify regulations for the benefit of American businesses, to reduce the corporate tax rate so the billions held overseas can come home... and so much more.
You will find out about all of this, that Newt has in mind, if you take a look.

Self-government is a privilege and an experiment. Benjamin Franklin said we have a Republic "if you can keep it." That's us he was talking about. Are we such sad excuses for a free people that we will fail? Not on my watch, not if I can help it.

Think of the ones who have gone before us who have sacrificed so much so that we might live in freedom and prosperity.

We owe something to them, and to our children and grandchildren, not to let their freedoms and future prosperity be frittered away by feckless socialists and insanely irresponsible, big-spending Establishment Republicans.

If you are thinking about supporting Newt, the best thing you can possibly do is find out for yourself.
The internet gives us power. (No SOPA!) Power to the People. The Little People.

The treasure trove of original sources.

Here are some of Newt's older speeches. Over time, you can see the ideas developing. It's an education. But wait, there's more: it's entertaining. And it's something you will never find out from the MSM.

Here are 17 speeches with CONVENIENT LINKS:External Link

Oh, and since the 90's seems to be the new meme, here are links about the 90's. Newt was cleared: External Link

Original sources put the power in your hands. The MSM can't stop you.
If you watch these speeches, you will understand why so many people support Newt. It's actually very exciting. It's new American revolution.
It will restore prosperity using the Reagan template.
And the American people are the sine qua non; the People are the intelligence and energy behind it."

THANK you for your well thought out comments and passion "Hope Change"... !


  1. Good post Lisa. Newt has always been my second choice. My first was Perry. Newt's a brawler and that is exactly what we need this time around.

  2. I'd prefer Newt or Santorum, but yes, the brawling is favorable for Newt. Santorum seems too mild for now. Romney = way too liberal squish and RP too isolationist - for me. Just my $0.02