Saturday, January 7, 2012

Is it Mr. Gingrich's time?

Good video of where Newt Gingrich stands on the many difficult issues facing America right now. I have been Angry since the fake election of 2008 which put an ILLEGAL usurper into the position of potus.  Have enough Americans awoken to this tragedy yet?  2010 was a HISTORICAL election putting MANY TEA party Republicans in office across the entire country in each state.  We need to do the SAME in 2012.  We need to get conservative thinking Americans into majority in the Senate and more into the House of Representatives.  Congress is too corrupt.  ... & O must Go...

Is 2012 Mr. Gingrich's time?


  1. I like Newt a lot but he's a big government guy. I prefer him over Mittens hands down.

  2. Newt over Mittens for me as well Hardnox