Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 in review and stuff old media really tried to ignore

beautiful coast of NZ after take off from Auckland
 2012 greetings to you and yours!  So, um, really, 2011 was kind of a shite year, wasn't it?

For us: My husband's father passed.  A few months later the family dog, too.  Mum was left in a big house all alone (bummer).  She got a bit lonely so has a new puppy now and we (and her daughters) are over there often.  She is OK after a tough year of loss.

My 2011 was full of on again off again abdominal pain (stink) - some of the year is a bit hazy to me lost in a battle of overcoming pain.  Sorry if I missed anything big...  You can always read good stuff on the various sites I link to... I can't keep up with everything now can I?!  :)

The world had a tough 2011 around the globe - the scariest stuff: so many Arab countries in turmoil and the horror of Islam on the rise thereIn NZ, Christchurch had killer earthquakes. Japan had a devastating Tsunami in a shocking display of earth's brute force.  In man caused disasters, Obummer and his communist crew continue to raid the USA treasury (hello, huge MF global crisis anyone?!?!), Holder's illegal gun running to Mexico: killed hundreds - while media and Democrats don't care, but fully support Occu-pooper Soros supported paid idiots and continue ignoring patriot T.E.A. partiers.  Hey, did you notice media stopped bashing Sarah Palin when she announced she would not run for POTUS? Old media next turned their venom against the Hermain Cain train and derailed it quite well, didn't they... At least alternative media continues to grow and expose the truth  - hey that Weiner guy was fully exposed for being a big pervert, wasn't he?  Some sweeet vindication served up by alternative media!

Anyway, on a happier note for 2011 for me, despite it all we managed to have some good fun in 2011.  We were able to travel home to Wilmette Illinois (near Chicago) to visit family and friends.  My father came down to NZ and we showed him around Auckland. We travelled down to the Christchurch area. We got 2 new dogs.  We've completed some home improvement projects such as updated plumbing, new electric panel for the whole house and insulation replaced in the attic.  We got to attend a semi-finals match for the Rugby World Cup 2011.  NZ won the final (NZ was happy!) and The Warriors got into their final as well - yes they lost, but had an outstanding season. 

Oct 2011 - me in Chicago near Millennium Park  :)
Guess I'll try to ignore the shite from 2011 and focus on good memories.  Speaking of ignorance, the old media actively ignored all sorts of stuff (since most of them are merely communist shills of course).  Here is a decent list from WND covering the most ignored stories of 2011:

"1. The true rate of unemployment and inflation and the real state of the U.S. economy, which is far worse than reported.

2. The Justice Department’s “Fast and Furious” operation, which facilitated the delivery of American firearms into Mexico to violent drug cartels, later used in the murder of hundreds, including a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

3. The organizations and money behind the supposedly “leaderless” Occupy Wall Street movement.

4. The role of leftwing groups and the Obama administration in the fall of Arab regimes and the rise of Islamic radicals.

5. Compelling evidence from multiple experts that the birth certificate released by Barack Obama on April 27, 2011, is a fraud.

6. The true mission of Islamic groups such as CAIR and other U.S.-based Muslim Brotherhood-front organizations and their infiltration of the U.S.

7. The real impact on the U.S. economy of Obama’s $787 billion stimulus.

8. The harmful impact of unions on the American economy.

9. The looming potential for an EMP attack on the U.S. and its devastating impact.

10. The federal government’s raid of the Gibson Guitar factory."

I'm sure you are enlightened and HAVE already heard of all these issues, right? 

one of my favorite views of Auckland from out west in the Waitakeres
 Now it is 2012.  This year we plan to do a bit more traveling here in NZ. February a summer batch rental is in store for us somewhere and April we want to go down to Christchurch again.  Hopefully it will be a good year and the Mayans just ran out of room on their calendar, yes?   ;)  Let's look at the glass as half full this year, shall we?

And, oh yeah... I think in November 2012, there might be just a few other things going on.


  1. Hi Saucy,
    A Happy new year to you and yours.
    Maybe 2012 will be the year that the world has to face blunt facts. I for one hope so because the sooner the better, for humble folks who just want to get on and live a prosperous peaceful life.

    The good old U.S of A underpins worldwide democracy. Let her thrive and prosper, it helps us all.
    cheers, Garry

  2. hi Garry... I agree and hope the USA rights itself

    cheers mate