Saturday, July 9, 2011

Raw truth of Palin offered in "The Undefeated"

"The Undefeated" will be at theaters July 15, 2011. 

So, why should anyone see it?  Rob Cunningham at AT suggests:

"The simple clarity and raw truth offered in "The Undefeated" stands at the ready to educate tens of millions of citizens, perhaps influencing an entire generation of voters. This documentary deeply connects, on both an intellectual and emotional level, and stirs one's very soul. This film brilliantly serves as a modern-day case study, and clearly illustrates how our agenda-driven news media, entertainment industry and political power brokers brazenly operate, in plain view and with cold-blooded intentionality, in a tireless attempt to destroy a very decent fellow citizen. When presented with basic facts, Americans will recoil in disgust.

If principled republicans, tea-partiers and libertarians choose to no longer remain silent, misinformed or "neutral" while one of our strongest and most influential "movement conservatives" is repeatedly and falsely attacked, we will empower every single person and candidate within our movement.

If, as members of the modern grass roots movement, we individually or collectively fail to mount an informed and honorable public defense of one of our generation's most influential, ethical and popular figures, then I submit we are surrendered our courage. What message are we communicating to our neighbors and children if we stand by in silence as one of our most courageous, honorable and accomplished leader receives regular virtual stonings from our friends, family and media?

Sarah Palin brings positive energy, enormous influence and massive financial support to the entire conservative movement and all advocates of limited government. Regardless of her ultimate decision to run in 2012 or not to run, each person in America that holds a sense of fairness and appreciation for truth, should personally commit to seeing the upcoming movie "The Undefeated." Viewers will become more informed and perhaps even more appreciative of our movement's most prolific ambassador, recruiter and advocate."

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