Saturday, July 9, 2011

Breitbart's Bob Parker interviews a Regretful O Voter

Bob Park interviews Jodi Carroll here.  She is a "regretful Obama voter" and says:
"Before, I didn’t really know subjects all that deeply, so being misled by the mainstream media was easy.

I didn’t start turning toward conservatives until I started turning away from liberals, realizing they were so dishonest. Once I started to really research more facts, I realized that, all this time, conservatives were the ones who were more honest and more educated about the facts. As I said earlier, it was really a political tsunami for me, it was painful and hard to go through. It is hard to believe that all the while you believed you were intelligent, yet allowed yourself to be grossly misled.

Now, I check all the facts, myself. And as I do, I generally find that conservatives are bringing the real facts and realities to the table..."

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