Thursday, July 14, 2011

digging Chicks On The Right

Ran across a cool blog today called "Chicks on the Right".  A verrrrry cool blog. They say:

"Here’s a news flash for all the liberals out there – Not all conservatives listen to country music and pack heat. Not all of us have rebel flags in the back of our Ford F150s. Not all of us are crazed religious freaks who will chase after you with our bibles. And, not all of us are old, gray-haired white men in suits. Nor are we just 20-something WASPs with trust funds. Some of us are stiletto-and-Sephora-wearing, hardworking chicks who juggle families, careers, and some semblance of a social life. We appreciate traditional family values, but don’t mind a great dirty joke. We like men who hold the door open for us, and don’t FLIP THE FREAK OUT if they sneak a peek as we’re walking by. We embrace our own feminism, and leave the bra-burning and hairy armpits to the Gloria Steinem-ites. We love our country, and we adore our husbands and kids. We believe that America is not only just exceptional, but that it is simply the most kickass country that ever existed. And we don’t hate government. We just want it to be limited. We believe in a healthy respect for government, in fact, but in turn, we believe that government should understand that it receives its power from us. The people.

Oh yeah – and that healthy respect for government? That doesn’t mean we can’t mock it. We believe, actually, in the power of laughter and mockery to keep us grounded when the people in power threaten our sanity on a daily basis with their ridiculous shenanigans (and yes, Nancy Pelosi, we mean you.) We’ve noticed the demise of foundational values in this country – values such as hard work, personal responsibility, and the capitalist notion of less government interference. With the dawn of the Millenial-generation’s “everyone-including-my-country- owes-me” mentality and the media-driven deification of Obama in the last Presidential election, we started speaking out more and more about the looming socialist ideology that faced us – the “Harrison Bergeronification” of our country, if you will. And we couldn’t believe the backlash we received as a result. Apparently, people get really sensitive when you criticize liberal ideology. People become quite vicious, in fact, in their debates about various political figures, goings-on in Washington, and even good old American values as obvious as honoring the American flag. It was after a few of these lively discussions that we decided we needed to start a new site – one where we could freely mock and poke fun at the political process and all of its related people and parts, but also appeal to others like us – conservative, cool, and totally together women of today (and the men who love them) who just don’t buy into the media-espoused liberal philosophy that bigger government is the answer to every problem."

Loooove your blog!

Below is a clip from one of their postings (and has been posted around the blogs).
Go Rep. Mack in FL, you rock it buddy! More like Mack please!  :)

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