Thursday, September 26, 2013

Super sonic civil servant Texas Senator Ted Cruz

Yesterday at lunch while at work, I warmed up some tomato soup and listened to a bit of Queen at my desk.  Are you a fan?  They have so many great songs, like this one:

A little later in the day I checked on the news online, as I am wont to.  I heard Texas freshman Senator Ted Cruz had taken the senate floor to filibuster the upcoming cloture for defunding Obamacare.  He wants the 46 Republicans in the senate to stick together, vote NO to cloture and not "allow" a 51 vote but to decline and force the standard 60 vote needed (larger majority) for important votes in the senate. 

Hash tags were flying on Twitter as news spread Cruz was on a roll. 

He ended up speaking for 21 hours - all night into today - all without a teleprompter, too.  He was eloquent, passionate and funny - at one point reciting Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham directed at his young daughters who he knew were watching.  Some on Twitter were amazed he made Dr. Seuss so enjoyable and captivating. 


Richard Kantro points out he is a Cruz Missile:

"Describing the denial of medical care, the crushing rise of oppressive IRS enforcement, and the emerging horror stories all barreling towards America as Obamacare's socialized provisions take hold, Cruz is both enlightening and harrowing in his thorough mastery of what's wrong with this legislation, and the mindset which wrote it, forced it through, and supports it. Eschewing pessimism and the mocking hostility of the press -- which calls defunding "hopeless" -- and disdaining the Senate's tactics of exclusion and cloture, Cruz is calling for holding true debate; for hearing the genuine sentiments of the American people; and for unabashedly rejecting socialized medicine, which he is not afraid of calling by name. And returning repeatedly to the stirring mantra he has established for this most heroic of demonstrations, that we "must make D.C. listen."

Ted Cruz this morning is standing for all the people of this nation. One day, in a more serene and less polarized America, even those who are his opponents today will look back with relief and gratitude, and thank him for what he has done on the Senate floor today. His inspirational signature response throughout this magnificent performance will itself deserve to be remembered by future patriot-legislators when they muster the courage and strength to truly represent those who elected them: "I am happy to yield for a question without yielding the floor."

The smart, passionate and conservative Senator Cruz definitely puts the serve back in civil servant!

They work for YOU America.  Not the other way round.  Get it yet?

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