Sunday, September 8, 2013

Aus government walks back from far left: Abbott beats Rudd

CONGRATULATIONS to Australia with their newly elected PM: Tony Abbott

I figured and predicted Abbott would win handily.
- And he did. 
- In a landslide.

Previous Labour-Leftist Australia PM Julia said "no carbon tax", then enacted one.  This plus many other incorrect Leftist steps - like Australia having a new current financial crisis at moment - ousted the incumbent left.   

- Julia ousted Rudd.
- Rudd ousted Julia.
- Bicker bicker bicker
- Typical Lefties

Now Tony is in charge. Phew and ....YES!

NBR lists main policy goals of newly elected incoming Prime Minister of Australia:

"Pundits have generally seen the result as a rejection of the bickering, exhausted Rudd-Gillard government that a pro-Abbott swing.  (<= ya THINK?!)

Nevertheless, the incoming government has an interesting mix of right and more centralist policies on his agenda, including:
• cutting the corporate tax rate to 28.5%, from 30%
• scrapping the controversial taxes on mining profits and carbon emissions
• building more roads
• a crackdown on asylum seekers
• a controversial and expensive paid parental leave system (paying a parent up to $A75,000 to cover six months' leave, against Labor's 18 weeks)
• boosting the role of private insurance in Australia's health system
• only paying for fibre-to-the-node (neighbourhood) rather than fibre-to-the-premise as under Labor under the National Broadband Network rollout
• cut 12,000 to 15,000 public servants through attrition

The change of government could also see closer transtasman economic ties."

Good on ya mates... and good job Aussie voters: oy oy oy!

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