Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NO to USA involvement in Syria

Americans do NOT support helping Islamic rebels like Al Quada (however its spelled). 

REMEMBER SEPTEMEBER 11TH!  This attack was by Islamists! They HATE the USA.  And O and his minions want to CODDLE them and ARM them. What UTTER nonsense...

Justice with Jeanine Pirro on Syria explains why most rational and sane Americans say NO to any USA strikes or boots on ground in another middle east hell hole below. And BRING American troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan already.  

O has no credibility
His regime has no credibility
Kerry has no credibility either.  From 2012 see happy dinner time photo with Kerry, Assad and their wives:  

Last year, Liberty Beacon noted "John Kerry, who is expected to be nominated as secretary of state later this afternoon [TLB Note: John Kerry has been nominated since this article was posted; please read more here], has made frequent visits to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Assad is now under fire for mass murdering his own civilians, as he fights an internal war to keep his position of power."

O's finger wagging at Assad will mean nothing. Couple weeks ago Heritage noted "Rubio and Risch emphasized that Assad is unlikely to receive the intended message of a “finger wag” strike and instead will become even further emboldened by U.S. military action. After all is said and done, Assad would be able to say he stood up to the greatest military power on the globe and continue the slaughter of Syrians."

On twitter:  #NoUSTroopsInSyria or just #Syria

Was Benghazi just a gun running operation from Libya to Syria for O's AQ pals?  Is THAT why the "investigation" is being blocked by O and his minion?  New flash: the attack which killed a US ambassador was NOT due to some random video. Atlas Shrugs points out the idiotic Susan Rice to brief congress on Syria on September 11, 2013?  What asshattery is that?!

Last but not least for this post: DC "approved" a million muslim march for 11-Sep-2013 but NOT for American motorcyclists.  Twitchy reports: THEY ARE GOING TO RIDE ANYWAY.


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