Saturday, August 17, 2013

Whittle: World Gone Mad

Watch the latest from AfterBurner with Bill Whittle:

Also - this week's "big" news?  Leftists are SOOoooo upset a MO rodeo clown donned an O mask and the rodeo announcer egged on the crowd for the bull to 'smash' O.  HA ha ha, that is funny and snark worthy!  They fired Tuffy the clown and made rodeo workers go to sensitivity training?

W.T. absolute F.?

Go support Tuffy on Facebook here - he's got 70,000+ supporters!!!

Crikey, the MAJORITY of the USA supported GWB - this center right majority had to put up with 8 years of media lies, crap, spin and this:

About FREAKING TIME we had WAaaaay more of this:

or even this:

or from iOwnTheWorld:

The FAKE potus - a fake American who has a fake "wife" (he is gay): are both COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY MOCK WORTHY. 

More please. Get the FLIPPIN' communists OUT of the people's White House already. sheeeesh

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