Saturday, August 31, 2013

twerker for czar of decorum

OK, my mother raised me right.  If she saw me, or anyone else "twerk", she would tell me, or anyone else "that is not flattering." or "gross, you are being disgusting" or "what is wrong with you" or just "stop that right now".

No, one is NOT cool to be the latest white girl who thinks she is black by doing a tribal dance mimicking sex with ugly gyrations of a large derriere. 

Sorry if that appears "racist".



I'm probably just getting old.  People were shocked by Elvis, Maddona and others.  "Shock" is a tactic to get noticed.  Jeeeeebus, if Mylie ever has kids - her grandbabies are going to watch her VMA awards video antics from 2013 and think she was (is) a TOTAL IDIOT...

Scratch that, never mind.  She'll never have kids.  She'll die from an overdose at 27 or perhaps in her 30s after a few more episodes of drugs, sex and attempts to be a "singer" and pay for her family as the only bread winner.  She'll be in and out of rehab and some doctor enabler will administer her a fatal overdose of something "by accident" because they were paid to keep her drugged up.

Sound familiar?

In mean time, Sunny at SunnyTV has an EXCELLENT suggestion for the O-regime:  Hire Hanna-twerk-jerk has "Decorum Czar" !

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