Friday, February 1, 2013

Nuge n guns n sheep n scissors n stuff

You tell 'em Ted!  Mr. Nugent is SPOT on in this recent interview:

Oh, by the way, the "next" Sandy Hook school shooting - at Price Middle school - was JUST PREVENTED BY AN ARMED SECURITY GUARD AT THE SCHOOL (story at

Also, by the way, Homeland Security has put out a video to HIDE and get SCISSORS if a shooting happens at your school.

No kidding... yep, that would do it.  I'd feel much MUCH safer under the desk hiding with scissors.

sheep: "HEY, are those SCISSORS?!..."
Now about those assault staplers...

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  1. F U lefty trolls, put your comments where the sun doesn't shine...

    I'm entitled to my opinion and I'm proud to share Mr. Nugent's clip - MANY Americans are right there with Ted. Why do you think gun sales are SKY ROCKETING under the O regime?

    Gosh the Left is DUMB!

    This is my blog so beat it creeps.