Saturday, February 9, 2013

AT on collectivism and Whittle's virtual inaugural

We love Mr. Whittle here in happy individual freedom land.  Regarding the next four years of USA doom and gloom the low information and voting fraudsters gleefully obtained (hattip to ChicksOnTheRight) here is Bill Whittle's virtual inaugural.

Sidebar regarding my last post:  collectivists are the poo flingers.  They don't have logical rational or truthful arguments so they fling insults (poo) instead.  This leftist tactic works pretty well especially on low information voters because most center-righters don't like to be yelled at, are kind, decent people who don't resort to flinging poo back - but some are getting better at it.  I'm not tolerating leftist-colletivists any more; so if you feel the strong need to fling poo, sorry, for cleanly purpose you must use bathroom outside. Here ya go:

image from desert survivor
More about collectivism: spot light and truth from a comment by AT at ChicksOnTheRight:

"The true evil that has to be defeated is ideological, and its name is Collectivism - along with its twin brother Statism. Those two things should be on your mind EVERY SINGLE TIME you start going at it with a leftist liberal (or even a moderate/independent). Has anyone here noticed it's always what I'M talking about? Collectivism is the backbone of their entire ideology. EACH AND EVERY VIEW THEY HOLD is ultimately derived from it. You take ANYTHING a leftist liberal says, and when you strip it down to brass tacks it is UNILATERALLY nothing more than pure Collectivism.

But here's the dirty little naked secret they don't want to admit:

Collectivism is bullsh*t. Never mind the fact that, eventually, it LITERALLY kills the people who practice it - it simply doesn't work in any way, shape, or form. It is inherently flawed. Why? Because it denies The Self as the highest moral value and highest moral priority. And the thing about The Self? It is from where EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOUR RIGHTS as a human being is derived. That's WHY societies that hold sacred The Individual are always the most free (AND the most prosperous). Because they're a society built around the inherent rights of the Individual.

But Collectivism builds itself around the rights of "the collective." (Which, you'll note, is a term that NO self-proclaimed collectivist has EVER been able to specifically define.) As a result, it ALWAYS, ALWAYS, proves itself a SELF-destructive ideology - preferring instead to value The Community over The Self." ...

... "Collectivism is anathema to a free society. But, of course, Collectivists - though they're remiss to admit it - don't actually WANT to be free. They want to be subjects (if not outright slaves). They want to be ruled. They want to have their livelihoods provided for them. They want people to tell them what to do, what to eat, what to drive, what to read, to whom to listen, how to live, how to think. You know why Collectivists hate Rights? Because Rights come with personal responsibility and accountability. And personal responsibility and accountability are EXACTLY what Collectivists do not want. Because responsibility and accountability are Individual concepts. Collectivists want to rely on the collective - where everyone and no one is responsible and accountable for everything at all times. Collectivists want a life free of responsibility, and thus, devoid of Rights.'

Why do you think that every single thing a Collectivist says and does, every effort they make on a political scale, is an effort to and geared to LIMIT or REMOVE the Individual's rights? Look at it closely sometime. It's everything for which they stand. Take ANYTHING they're going on about, and look at it closely. Every single time, you'll find that it's an effort to deprive people's rights. Every. Single. Time.

Take any  leftist liberal, take any Democrat - from Barack Obama to his bleating mindless sheep that are the "99%". Take any socialist, populist, communist, marxist position - take any person holding them - and take them apart. Every single time, it's Collectivism."

Read the whole thing here.

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