Thursday, February 14, 2013

down in New Plymouth NZ

We found a house/pet sitter so we've taken a 3 day vacation and drove down to New Plymouth.  I'm taking a technology break after a 5 hour drive.  My husband has some kind of shooting pain in his back down his right thigh so he's resting for a bit reading his Kindle.

We love our technology.

Tomorrow hopefully he'll feel better and we'll do some trekking around Mount Taranaki. There are some good walking trails here I'm told.  The view is spectacular from this far away, so getting closer with a hike will be cool.  Check it out snap we took an hour ago:

Mount Taranaki
Well, as you were... hope winter isn't too much of a drag if you're in America.  Here are a few more reasons perhaps your next vacation will be in New Zealand...    :-)

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