Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Romney vs Candy and Bammie on Libya

J. Crouse at American Thinker proclaims Romney winner in 3 way debate with Candy and Bammie.  The deck was stacked against Romney: pure leftist "moderator", lefty questions and lefty audience...

...but regarding Libya:

See now CNN Candy jumped into the debate to help Bammie when pressed on incorrect  White House position day after the Libya terrorist attack?!  The White House, their UN gal Rice, Clinton and Bammie ALL said Libya attacks were as result of "the video" B.S.  THEY all LIED.

In fact, most likely, many military and O regime personally watched 6 hours of live feed (audio and video) at the Libyan post where Ambassador Stevens and 3 others were murdered LIVE AS IT HAPPENED. Then, they COVERED IT UP by blaming riots because of the video - for 9 DAYS.

Go listen to what Col. Hunt told Howie Carr.

After the 2nd debate, Candy walked back HER LIES and said Romney was right on Libya.

Thanks Candy, we already know he was right.  You should retire... Or join Jenny Craig.. or both.  YOU STINK as a "fair" moderator... Geebus...

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