Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nov 7th NZ - Romney victory party

I'm feeling happy...

I'm feeling confident...

I'm feeling healthy, wealthy and well...

Ok, not exactly, just the healthy and well part.  Lots of people have way worse problems than me.  My life is awesome and great compared to probably millions of others on planet earth. 

November 7th, I'm planning a Romney victory party. 

Who's with me?!  He will be the next real American potus and he will be fantastic.  He will be held to account by we.the.people. 

Today we went to Martha's Backyard, an American product store here in Auckland. 

go to Martha's to get some American stuff!

Her logo cracks me up "it's just 'different"... Ha ha ha!  Shouldn't it be "it's just normal" Martha?!  Well for me it is anyway... (sorry 300,000,000 people still trumps 4,000,000). 

America is big, beautiful and built on individual freedom and small government - America will prevail.  The evil trickle down (avalanche) of big government-ISM will be halted.

Romney and Ryan will stop the bus from going over the cliff and let the air out of the growing communist balloon.  There will be some strife from the zombie entitlement class, but they will be forced into reality.  There will be safety nets for sick, elderly and such - but the rest will have to get some skills and get a job.  It will be time to go back to work and grow the American economy from within.

Energy independence will be a focus in the new administration - the middle east will eventually be told "go fight amongst yourselves".  America will rightly go back to the correct wordly position of peace through strength.  We'll bring our American troops out of the shite-hole of Afghanistan with some how-to instructions on how to properly deal with Taliban (like target practice). 

I'm at peace...

I felt like a bit of shopping... we didn't go too crazy, but we bought a few American made items...  Crystal Light, Pop Tarts, Cheese Con Queso dip, Fritos, Hunts Catsup, Sugar Free Jello, Bisquick, Cheetos, USA platter, napkins and couple flags...

... and now I'm ready to start planning a Romney victory party for November 7th.

But really, the big winners will be all the American people and the rest of the world.  The ship will be righted and won't hit that iceberg after all.  Seas will be rough, but the journey will continue.

Now get your happy on, encourage everyone you know to vote Republican in ALL your local races - and on top of the ticket.  Do your part.... so we can all celebrate together.


  1. Your gastroenterologist must love you. But your spread tastes great, I'll give you that (apart from the napkins and the flags - they need more high fructose corn syrup).

  2. Nice spread...Sorry not to havechecked out your posts in a bit.Always great to read.

  3. lol Big Island, thanks for stopping by...

    Hey there tjones, how are ya?

    13 MORE DAYS until the restoration begins...

    now everyone: remember to vote Republican! :)

  4. Well, even though I will be preparing for my trip, if Romney wins I will be delighted. The fiscal cliff is comming and "more government" sucking the life out of the producers is NOT what we need.

    Its going to be upto Ohio, or if we lose Ohio we need Wisconsin and Nevada (or Wisconsin and NH) or Penn. I just wish Romney would focus on Wisc. NH and Penn. They are not as toxified with anti-Romney character slur ads...and are shifting.