Tuesday, October 16, 2012

75% NZers Vitamin D deficient

I am one of them...

I've had a lot of periodic pain the last couple years.  On my dietician's recent recommendation, I got a Vitamin D test last month in September. Normal range on my results is 75-90.  I was 7 or something (don't have data as I type this)...

I started a 10 day prescription of Vitamin D.  After two years of no menstrual cycle, I got mine.  (sorry blokes, yep, its bit of girl talk...).  It was a doozy.  LOTS of pain for 9-10 days.  Same pain I've had off and on for 2 years. 

So, my latest theory: my uterus seems to have been trying to have its monthly cycle and it could not -perhaps due to lack of Vitamin D.  I'm scheduled to get another abdominal scan on my girlie parts to check 'em out. Ian W. explains a bit about Vitamin D:

I'm still researching this a bit more especially since I'm personally impacted.  Vitamin D affects bones - plus many other processes in your body including women's reproduction

I didn't know that, did you?  I've definitely been avoiding direct and mid day sun living in NZ since UV rays are harsher down here - and I've made myself ill by avoiding sun!  .... Ummm... Ooooops...?

most of us need at least 5-30 minutes of sun twice a week (image from here)

We humans need the sun - more than we realize.  So, I'm continuing my research and hopefully my general health will improve now so I can have a few more decades on the planet and feel better. 

Gonna get this book, too:

get Ian's book here

Oh, and by the way, have you heard global "warming" stopped 16 years ago and "man made" global warming (fondly called AGW by believers) has been officially disproved

Dang, we need the sun and WARMTH to survive... Anyone screaming about man mad global cooling yet?!?!  (dats next I'm sure...)

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  1. Recently I discovered that I was shortage of vitamin D. I was perplexed by this. Now I'm taking supplements and getting more sun!! I read about the benefits and how important it is to be balanced with this vitamin in the body.