Thursday, September 27, 2012

are you better off?

I made the mistake of trying to argue on Facebook today with a friend of a friend - who thinks things are better off now under the O regime than America was under George Bush. 


In fact, this idiot thought if there is anything wrong now, its all Bush's fault.

I told him he doesn't get to choose his own facts.

Unemployment rate now?  Higher
Home values?  Lower
Deficit?  Higher
Racial tensions?  Higher
Foreign tensions?  Higher
Gas prices?  Higher
Misery index?  HIGHER under O more than under Bush

geeeez, there is MUCH more...

Hello, all this means people are far WORSE off NOW. 

Duh!  How is this not perfectly crystal clear? 

Tell me your honest opinion.  What is your personal story?  ARE YOU BETTER OFF NOW after 4 years under the Obambam regime? 

Not you personally?  No? 

Well, give me some specifics of how all Americans are better NOW.  I'd really like to know...  because while some a&&hats at Solyndra or other special interest groups might be richer because of payola and scheming, I don't think there are ANY Americans better off.

I think, in general, America is far worse off now.

If you are BETTER now, and it does NOT involve getting yourself a) into debt or b) onto welfare... Please let me know how and why you are "better".

.... I'm waiting.

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