Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Utah and elsewhere: stay focused America

hattip: TheGatewayPundit - besides potus, who else should Americans support across the USA in upcoming 2012 elections?
To start, as a reminder, I dig Mia Love in Utah:

Need to get informed on candidates for YOUR local election?  You can check out Ballotpedia for information on 2012 candidates:

go check out Ballotpedia

I think Americans can't WAIT to vote: we are ITCHING to get rid of the commies in Washington...

Just look at the responses last month in full support of Chik-Fil-A across the USA, millions of small business owners still angry about the "you didn't build that" comment - and a BUY-cott at Crumb and Get it ...

But if you're in the all-is-shite camp, read up with interest on a few ways Obleeech might cancel the 2012 potus elections all together over at AT today - not funny when you think about it:

Stella Paul at AT warns there have been Super-High-Level Trial Ballons.  She asks "Whom does the Government intend to shoot?" with recent 750 million rouns of hollow-point ammunition just purchased.  Stella mentions there have been 900-plus Executive orders, U.S. military has been openly War-gaming against American citizens.  She reminds us O has active partnerships with America's foreign enemies and domestic criminal groups.  She warns We should expect a tsunami of voter fraud and if all else fails for Dems, there is "by any means necessary" (key plank of the lie-lie-lie some more Dem-Commie party!)

Is Stella just paranoid - or helping us with some key warnings - just to be prepared, eh?

I remain semi-quasi-full optimistic and am looking forward to an AMERICAN LANDSLIDE of Republican victory across the entire continent far and wide... all the way to Washington.

Can I get an AMEN brothers and sistas!!!!   :)

Prayers ARE needed for November: and VOTES for Republicans wherever possible.

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